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  • @AlexSmith if you will need of more guinea pigs, you'd count on me, if being in Europe isn't a problem
  • @AlexSmith I would like to be on the list. If you need another tester let me know, although it looks like you have more than enough lmao.
  • @AlexSmith I'd like to be added to the list please. Thank you, I really appreciate having this community for news and support.
  • Dreaming of an magnet implant for years now, but I didn't realize how close we actually were to making bio safe magnets. Sign me up for guinea pig and let me know when I can buy one of these bad boys.
  • @plantfreak they have technically been out for a while just there was manufacturer issues for a small period.
  • @alexsmith Is there still room on that waiting list? 
  • So may I ask to be put on this list as well I'm curious to try one out and see how it effects some of the stuff I do I run heavy equipment mostly but I do some electric work and I heard you can feel for current with them
  • Thanks for your hard work! Please add me to the list as well.
  • @meanderpaul Yeah, apparently I missed the original release of the m31's by just a few months. However I am glad that they are making a higher quality comeback. And I certainly won't be attempting parylene coated magnets again. I can't wait.
  • @Plantfreak, may I ask you what happened? I still have 3 parylene coated magnets on my shelf but I think I'll avoid to use them
  • @passwd, it was mainly just a test of my willpower to open up my finger and get a feel for the sensations once it was in there. I checked the coating for any flaws with a good microscope and also by putting it in a acidic solution for several days and checking for any signs of reaction to the inner magnetic material. However, the wound never really healed after 2 weeks and it was temporary anyway. So I pulled it out.
  • I've been gone due to massive life distractions, but I'm still willing to be a test subject too.
  • @AlexSmith thanks for the update and the add! Really looking forward to these :D
  • @AlexSmith I too would like to be added to the list. Looks like you're going to have a hell of a job unless you plan to automate the notifications.
  • out of curiosity how big of a list do you have @alexsmith?
  • @alexsmith You mentioned you can ship the magnets anywhere. How do you get them past customs in countries where they're restricted?
  • @alexsmith Please add me to the list! Thanks
  • Please add me to the list. Any estimates on when this will be released?
  • I'm not sure if it matters that my name is on the list but I am no longer in need of one of these magnets, so you can remove me if it's trouble. My implant is healing nicely despite the ridiculous way I put it in :D
  • @alexsmith I'm new to this forum, but I've been wanting a magnet for months now, since before DangerousThings stopped selling them even. Please add me to the hype train notification list.
  • I'm getting anxious for magnetic fingers.  I've had at least a dozen or more situations where this mod would have come in handy (no pun intended).

    Thanks for the hard work on getting them tested and I look forward to installation.
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    Definitely interested in getting a magnet, so if you could add me to your list id deeply appreciate it. Out of curiosity, how are others getting their magnets? i've heard some say they've gotten it from other users and some say they've even gotten it from Ebay. Should i wait till the manufacturing problems are fixed or are there alternatives that are still safe?

  • @AmosKamal you can get parylene coated magnets, but no matter where you get magnets make sure to do a lot of testing on it before putting it in.
  • Alright that's good to know. I planned on doing tests on them, but is there any place generally considered a no-no or is it all good as long a son tests show good results?
  • @alexsmith Can I please also be added to the List?
  • @alexsmith

    I'm going to need a couple more eventually. Please keep me updated.  Thanks!
  • @alexsmith I know that the test magnets have been sent out, and more than likely implanted, but what are test details? How long do they need to be in the testers for them to be considered safe?
  • @alexsmith could you also add me to the list? Thanks :)
  • @alexsmith, hows the prognosis looking so far?  Any updates on the test subjects?
  • I have not yet had a chance to implant mine...I've been waiting on some chlorhexidine. Hopefully within the next week or two I will get to it. 
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