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  • @AlexSmith Could you please add me to the list? Potentially for the next batch if you begin running out of room for others. I will only want one. Thank you!
  • I've been trying to get my hands on a magnet since I first heard of them last August..... I would also like to be notified when they become available. Thanks.
  • Added. if all things go well with the current shipping I'll have them in a few days. Then I'll do testing :D

    Now seems like an appropriate time to talk about testing. Aside from the optical and chemical tests, what are people's thought's on in-vivo tests?
    Assuming the chemical tests show no problems, I intend to implant one myself and remove it again about a month or so to check for any signs of coating failure. How long do people thing I should leave it in for? do other people also want to do in-vivo tests?
  • I have an idea for a test... I'm not a hundred percent sure it would work... Maybe you could manipulate things to make it better...

    I think it should be able to withstand a hundred degrees Celsius... Right? Is there any reason it would be a bad idea to boil a magnet in a super saline solution for a period of time? I would be interested to see if the temperature, corrosiveness, and possibly mechanical movements from magnets being boiled together would cause the weak ones to fail.

    This is speculation, I'll be interested to see how this hold up before doing the gravimetric testing, then again I'm not completely sure what I'm suggesting just out of familiarity. ^^'

    I'd volunteer to be a proxy for In vivo, but my life is in chaos right now. ^^ if you still doing testing by the time I'm more stable, I want to volunteer. ^^
  • I'd test for you in vivo.
  • @ Zerbula sadly rear earth magnets are very sensitive to temperature, even 100c will damage them :(
  • Thought so... Would be possible to change the pressure to lower the temperature? Like, in a pressure cooker maybe :o
  • Maybe, but pressure cookers are built to increase pressure, which would also increase the temperature needed boil water. It might be possible to modify it to decrease pressure.

    Saline soaking can be done at room temperature, and magnetic stirring machines are thing. That would only leave out the temperature competent of the test you proposed, but I think that's unavoidable since the magnets would be damaged by any high temperatures 
  • Is the test to show the survivability of the coating or the magnet? If its for a coating frankly who cares about damage to the magnet strength.
  • Also im not really suggesting doing it to all of them either but more of a test on a single or what have you.
  • For random sampling of coating quality, you are right, it doesn't matter if the test demagnetizes the magnet, but it can't be used for magnets we actually want to implant.
  • I'm used to seeing things traditionally getting more reactive/interesting when they are warmer than cooler, such as washing dishes or cleaning parts for chainsaws, as proxy.

    Not necessarily 'high' temperatures, but simply high enough to cause reactions. Our bodies are definitely warmer than room temperature... At least core. It would make sense to me to at least exceed core tempuratures during testing would be my two cents.

    Also, native habit of debris, cleaning, and in this case integrity and damage testing with my personal experience has seen heat cause more thing to happen. ^^

  • yeah "boiling" at 40c should be fine, it won't actually boil, but we can simulate it with warm water and a stirrer. And for a actually boil a few sample magnets.
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    Just trying to think of ways to stress it. ^^ 40c sounds ideal. :3

    Hmm... I'm trying to think about what causes these to fail... I'd honestly say maybe take a small random selection of batch and see what it takes to cause mechanical faults as well. It would be nice to get baselines of which magnet batches have what durability consistency on average. ^^ Like... What's the 'crush tolerance' on average for these batch of m31s, are they going to be less resistant to accidental impacts than the Ni-Cu-Ni undercoated TiN m31s? Just checking for consistency in strength too.

    And ideally having a replacement for the gravimetric testing, but I'm sure this is already being looked at.

    For the sake of fun, try to see if you can mess one up with a scalpel or a needle? I haven't heard of any being messed up during the implementation, but it would be interesting to know if it's accidentally possible...
  • Could you add me to the list as well? I'm pretty hyped up for this.
  • I am new to this community and very interested to get a magnet implant so if it wouldn't be a bother could you put me on your list? @AlexSmith
  • Added. I too am excited. I am really really hoping this coating technique will finally solve the issues with previous magnets. As long as the chemical test results are ok I'll be implant myself asap.
  • I'd like to be added to the list, too.
  • Well, I was trying to refrain from being annoying, but I guess everyone is doing it now. Can I be added to the list please?
  • added. If DHL is correct, I should have the magnets the day after tomorrow :D
  • Good news, Alex! I hope that they get allowed through this time.

    On a related note: how are you intending to process the requests, in terms of payment? I cannot get your site to load but maybe that is just me. And how many magnets have been requested via this channel and elsewhere and how many are you receiving?

    Thanks for keeping us appraised!
  • I dunno if im a bit late, but please add me to the list too! :) @AlexSmith
  • The magnets are here! :D
    I looked at a few under the microscrope, some have obvious defects, some look ok as far as I can tell just from a visual inspection. Below is an example of each:


    chemical testing will happen this weekend.

    DACPA  hmm not sure about the site, loads ok for me, maybe try again? I got a total of 200 magnets this time, not all will pass testing, so not sure how many will be left after, will keep people updated as testing continues.

    DahPuffy  added

  • Great news! Those are looking great. 

    I retried the site last night (for me) and it did reload. It had gone a couple days without. I'm sure you'll let us know what passes the test and what the next steps are when you are good and ready. Hopefully with a first batch through the system this will pave the way for whatever future demand there is.
  • I soaked a few of them over night, it's too early to know real results, but looking at them under the microscope this morning shows some failures and some apparent successes. Will keep them soaking them over the next couple of days but if the early results are correct it looks like I'll be implanting one next week
  • Those are some excellent pictures.  Exciting  times! : )
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    Been doing more testing, still a high failure rate, >50%, but low enough that this looks like it may be a feasible manufacturing method. Unless things go badly I'll implant a magnet on Monday.

    here are some more pics

    edge view of a magnet:

    max zoom microscope will do, can't get the whole magnet in a single image:

    here is a magnet which failed testing:

    this magnet had the same soaking as the one above but shows no signs of degradation:

  • Thats pretty awesome i was wondering what they looked like with failure vs not (yet).
  • I would also like to be added to the list!
  • Super stoked by the results!  Would love to be added to list :)
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