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  • I'm very curious about how the titanium is being applied. The link here is to some very large magnet which are far easier to work with then the 3mm crap I've had coated. Titanium nitride is superior to pure titanium in a number of ways but I haven't really found any companies making either. I imagine that what they've done here is to have some kind of optimal base coat applied over the magnets before being sputtered.

    Basically, someone should buy some and test them for biocompatibility and breakdown. If they check out, we should try to figure out their process. I'd be surprised if it's as simple as titanium over neodymium or nickel.

  • @Cassox most of the magnets used in implants happen to be coated in titanium i havent seen any magnet coated in TiN
    and there strength also happen to be excellent and they are designed to work for entire lifetime
    they magnetise after welding the NdFeB in a titanium case

  • @ranjanabhishek089 TiN is titanium nitride.

  • @Hunter yeah i know but i havent seen any of them coated in titanium nitride all of them were coated in titanium G23

  • Idk then

  • @Hunter why cant we try getting these magnets they are FDA approved and 100% safe for implant

  • @Cassox @Hunter I am posting a link of a manufacturer which produces titanium coated magnets for implantable devices but it will cost $750 per 100 piece not costly but order has to be in bulk we can collect money from interested people

  • The fda doesn´t like things outside of their control

  • maybe but its really hard to get so many people at once and even then some people may change their ming

  • I would be interested in going in on those magnets with you guys. $750 would be pretty easy to raise, even if I/we have to sit on a bunch of them for a little while, the interest is definitely there.

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    @Pyro4571 @Hunter @Cassox i m an indian residing in nepal and the manufacturer is US based and i am ready to contribute $75 for 10 magnets and one more thing i would like to request is if anyone of u can find this device
    then contact me

  • I have reached out to my contacts in the medical world, we will see if they turn anything up. As for the other magnets, if we can get enough people interested, I could place the order. Are we sure that those are ok to implant without being encased in some sort of medical device?

  • @Pyro4571 the magnets which i mentioned above are meant to be implanted in body in contact with body fluids and tissues
    as a medicine student i can assure you these magnets are 100% biosafe and wont cause any problem in entire lifetime
    and for the other magnets i asked the manufacturer and they said they can produce titanium encased implantable magnets
    here is the link of a middle ear magnetic implant which uses the most sophiticated implant safe magnet contact me if u can get this

  • @ranjanabhishek089 I am requesting a quote on magnets matching the m31 dimensions. Can you tell me if they should be magnetized through the diameter, or through the thickness?

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    @Pyro4571 I can answer that. The best direction for the magnetization of an implanted disk shaped magnet would be through the thickness.

    Unless of course if ranjanabhishek089 specifically wanted them the other way for some reason.

  • @Pyro4571 @Beano yes they should be magnetised through the thickness because it gives strongest point on the flat surface which is bigger in area compared to the strongest point on circumference of the magnet

  • @Pyro4571 which manufacturer did u contact?

  • Thanks guys, I figured that the thickness would be best, but always good to check. I contacted BJ magnetics. I will let you know when I get the quote back. Should be sometime early next week.

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    @Pyro4571 thanks dude once you get the magnet i will buy it from you then i will carry out its biocompatibility test in a local lab which will get through the following procedure

    1.microscopic examination of the coating

    2.salt water testing

    3.implanting them inside animal (Sheep,Pig,Cat or Mouse) atleast for 6 months

    4.removal of the magnet and microscopic examination after cleaning it

    if the magnet passed these tests then i will implant a magnet(another magnet) inside my wrist for 6 months and then i will carry out the microscopic examinations after removing it
    if everything is ok (which i am sure will be) then i will coat the magnet in hydroxyappetite and i will implant the magnet inside my metacarpal bone by drilling a hole inside it after which it will be entirely safe because being inside the bone it cannot obstruct the blood flow and cannot hurt the skin the nerves and the vessels
    but i will request you NEVER TRY THIS AT HOME it can be done only by qualified surgeons and physians in a controlled environment never try to do this on your own you may loose your entire hand if u try to do this on your own
    one more thing i would like to mention here is that if the magnets are FDA approved for implant like MAXUM middle ear implant magnet or the Magnetic Sphincter magnet then no need to carry out these tests they are 100% safe for implant

  • Why in the bone? The field doesn't extend that far. You won't be able to get any effect out of it. Do you have some other purpose?

  • I was actually curious of the same thing. I will consult with the company to see if they are FDA approved.

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    @Cassox i will check the magnets
    i will choose a bigger magnet if required thats why i choosed metacarpal bones
    huge magnets have been implanted inside big bones of amputees in the past
    as long as it is done under qualified medical professionals there is no problem

  • @Cassox if we start getting products approved by FDA then it will be milestone for us biohacking community
    why dont u contact with other biohackers like steve haworth and sampa von etc collect money by crowfunding and establish a manufacturing plant for biosafe titanium encapsulated magnets for implant
    get approval from FDI and sell the magnets i m ready to help

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    @Pyro4571 hey dude i contacted a number of companies
    bjmagnetic said that they can plate the magnet with titanium nitride but not with titanium G23
    while others have said that its going to be specially manufactured magnet with slightly bigger size here is the link for the company
    beside that i have asked bjmagnetic whether they can provide magnets coated with Ni-Cu-Ni-gold-parylene-Tin(sequence of coating is inside out) or not

  • here is the message i received from
    RE: Offline Message from ABHISHEK RANJAN: can u provide magnets of following desc...

    Caroline McNelis [email protected]
    1:32 PM (10 hours ago)

    to me
    Good Morning Abhishek,

    Many thanks for your enquiry.

    Unfortunately we do not stock the magnets you require. We may be able to supply them as a custom order however there would be a minimum order quantity of at least 500 pieces and a lead time of at least 6 weeks for them.

    If you would like us to provide you with a quotation please could you forward a technical drawing of the magnet and clarify the direction of magnetism and coating you require (you mention titanium and steel? We can offer titanium or titanium nitride coating but I’m not sure if this is what you require? We do not offer a steel coating)

    For quoting purposes could you also please provide us with your company details including address.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards

    Caroline McNelis
    Internal Sales

    Bunting Magnetics Europe

    Tel: +44 (0) 1442 875081
    Fax: +44 (0) 1442 875009
    Direct: +44 (0) 1442 291729

  • and this is what i asked for
    can u provide magnets of following description:-

    material - neodymium iron boron
    encasing - implant grade titanium/steel without any breaches and pores
    strength - N52
    dimension - 2mm diameter and 1mm depth
    shape - disk
    quantity - 100
    uses - for therapeutic uses

  • does anyone know about dangerousthing, then they will put m31 magnets on sale or any information on testing?

  • Dang, I would have gladly done in vivo testing. >_< Chomping at the bit here.

  • If there are any waiting lists, i'd love to be added.

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