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    I have no experience with these magnets or that company but I think someone on this group recently bought one.  It looks like you can add them to your cart on that site so I assume they are available.
  • Does anyone have any insight as to what type of silicone coating Steve Haworth uses on his magnets?
  • @PostHumanist, gold plating on the magnet then a silicone coating over that.

  • @Birdhandz do u know how safe/secure it would be to get in from them? 

  • Slpzd

    I have never ordered anything from them but they have been doing this for a long time so I wouldn't hesitate to order from them.

    The cheapest magnets from that site are twice the cost of what Alex was hoping to sell his for but I think they are the only ones available right now that are specifically made for implanting.

  • Right. I was asking what type of silicone coating specifically @McSTUFF. I'm looking at a couple of bioinert RTV silicones and some epoxies. Just curious if anyone knew.
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    @McSTUFF, actually, the Haworth magnets are no longer coated in gold first. It seems that he feels confident in his latest injection molding process and finds it unnecessary. From what I've heard, the silicone he uses now is supposed to be as tough as car tire rubber, where before he used a softer silicone.

    I know this because i got tired of waiting for the M31 and decided to go with a Haworth for my first magnet. Put it in about 3 months ago and love it! While I know its not as powerful or as good as an M31, I still think its a great option for those that cant wait. He says on the website that he only sells to trained professional body mod artists, but there is nothing stopping anyone from buying one.
  • @Beano does Haworth use an N48 instead of the N52?  Also, if he only sells to pro mod artists how would anyone else be able to buy one?
  • @PostHumanist He advertises that it is an N52 but I saw somebody say that when they tested it outside of the silicone, it rated lower. They said it might be due to heat exposure in the injection molding process. It is also very small so that it isnt too bulky with the silicone. So, it isnt too powerful but works great for sensing magnetic fields which is what i wanted. The heaviest thing i can pick up is a small paperclip but i can interact with other magnets easily and pick up even heavy magnets. He does have a larger magnet specifically made for lifting things though so theres that. So, while not as good as the M31, i still love it and think its still a great option despite the price.

    As far as being able to buy it, he states that he will not sell to just anybody but professionals, but if you go on the website and add to cart, you can buy it just like any other online store. There is nothing to stop you.
  • @Beano so would that be a good sensing magnet? because iv been on this threadfor a long time waiting for these magnets to be back in stock, i just want a sensing magnet 
  • and what is the difference between the magicians magnet and the 100$ one ?
  • @lolsmcfee In my opinion it still makes for a great sensing magnet. I still plan to wait for an M31 for my other hand but in the meantime I'm very happy with what I have. The magicians magnet is just a larger magnet designed for lifting objects. It states on the website that due to the size, it isn't as good at sensing. With a larger size and more mass, it is harder for a weak magnetic field to produce a noticeable vibration.
  • awesome i think il pick one up, last question do you know if your are able to fly with this in your finger,  the sensing one?
  • @lolsmcfee, yes you can fly no problem with these. The metal detectors are calibrated for small bits of metal that can't be removed (buttons, pins, ect.)
  • awesome thats all i need to know to get one 
  • How would I go about finding somewhere to implant a magnet?

    I live in Cornwall UK, I can think of a few body shops but I don't know if any of them would be willing to do something like this.
  • Any news? Hoping they come out soon. If any help is needed for testing I would love to help.
  • I really want to join the list Thank you
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    hi, new here and also want a magnet for a few years now. done some research on the magnets. titanium plated magnets seem the best, they are strong, bio compatible, but not cheap and not common on the market. 
    Gold plated is an other good solution, but is weaker, also bio compatible.
    i tried to implant one in my hand. (the soft part between thumb and index finger). but the gold was not solid. merely painted on or something. that got infected and i had to pull it out. so im not trying gold again.
    now i have come by magnets with a parylene coating. this is also bio compatible, not so thick, so i dont know how strong that will be. but these type of magnets are as CHEAP AS HELL!. 
    2 companies asked nearly 200 dollars for 100 titantuim plated magnets. i found a company who supplies 10 parylene coated magnets for just 1.80 dollars!! plus shipping to europe is 15 dollars. still way cheaper than 200. and if i check the magnet implant success list, parylene does hold out quite long. so i am going to try my luck with that. the company i found them on is under the main section of neodymium magnets
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    Animania you should probably make your own thread. I'll message you a link to my thread that can give you some pointers.
  • Many people have tried the mags from super magnet man. They tend to fail.
  • Super magnet man I got about 3 working ones for ever 50 I got. and that wasn't on very hard tests. Those raw in a person I'd never trust.
  • @AlexSmith I'm probably the hundredth person to ask, but could you add me to the list as well? Thanks!
  • Amazing trick!!!!  I would like to join with you all...please add me too.. 
  • Could you please add me to the list? Potentially for the next batch if you run out of room. 
  • Please add me to the list as well. :)

  • I just started a separate thread regarding this. I have a beta run going right now. Let me know if you're interested in participating.

  • i am a medicine student from india
    an uk based company is already selling biocompatible, hypoallergenic, titanium encased 12000-14000 gauss neodymium magnets but, they are big in size and cannot be implanted in fingers but, they can be implanted in palm or wrist or some other suitable area in body
    we can contact this company to make biocompatible magnet encased in implant grade titanium or i would prefer the magnets to be coated in titanium gold because titanium gold is even more biocompatible beside that titanium gold is a magnetic material it can be magnetised it is attracted to magnets so it will protect the magnet from loosing its property

  • ranjanabhishek089 you've made the same comment across multiple threads, some threads completely unrelated and some threads multiple times. I've reason to believe you're a spam bot that got through at this point, but if I'm wrong please reach out.

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    BirdMachine yes i made this comment several times
    several implants use titanium encased magnets but the problem is that we have to make the order in bulk and that becomes costly for an individual if we request a company to make implantable titanium magnets for us i would be happy to donate money for this

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