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Magnet Status

Current Magnet Status In Progress
  • Magnets have been sent out for in-vivo testing Unavailable until further Notice


Where can I get a magnet for implantation?
Currently the most popular implantable magnet, the m31, from is unavailable. The two most trusted and well known online retailers of implantable consumer level implantable devices are and However, there are some members of the forum who are occasionally willing to sell them privately. Buy them at your own risk

When will these magnets be available again?
Both and are currenlty in the final testing phases of their new magnets and should be releasing within the near future.

Can I buy a magnet from another source to implant?
Yes, but you should refrain from doing so. What makes bio-magnets special is their bioneutral coating. Magnets from other sources will not be coated in a biocompatible fashion, and therefore should not be implanted. 

Can I coat a magnet myself?
No. Unless you are a professional and know exactly what you are doing, this is highly discouraged. However, there is some discussion of reliable DIY solutions. It would be best to wait for them to become available from the previously mentioned websites.

For further information, please read through the magnet section of the wiki located here


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  1. PLEASE. PLEASE. I was debating making a page on the wiki just for magnet status's, kinda covered it a tiny bit in the informations about magnets. 

    We could throw it in FAQ too. or just have a post like this. Please x-x
  2. I guess I should chip in for my part.

    I placed an order for M31s back in Feb, they were completed in March, and shipped via Fedex. When they got to customs, they were denied entry. I asked Fedex to return them to the manufacturer so I could sort out a different shipping method. Fedex have been terrible and are still holding them. Last month I got sick of waiting and placed another order, this time to be shipped to a local address to avoid the shipping problems. This new batch should be finished around late June or early July. I'm very confident this new manufacturing process which I had carried out will result in magnets which past safety tests, but we will only know for sure once they arrive and I can test them.

  3. Once I get back from work, I'll edit the top comment to reflect the current status, source, etc. Probably add some fancy colors too....
  4. Why were the magnets denied entry by the customs, Alex?
  5. @AlexSmith is there a waiting list one can be put on? I wouldn't even mind prepaying to help offset your added expenses with your supplier having to buy them twice and all.
  6. @IvoTheSquire small high strength magnets are banned from import to several countries (e.g. Australia, New Zealand, Canada) because there have been accidents with infants ingesting them, the magnets can stick together inside the gut and requite surgery to remove.

    @PostHumanist Sure, I've already had lots of people ask to be notified when the magnets are available, so I'll add you to the list. Don't worry about pre-paying. I'm not in this to make money. If I can design the super advanced implants I want for myself one day and cover the R&D costs by selling my implants, I'm happy. 
  7. @AlexSmith I appreciate your willingness to add me to the list. I also appreciate your involvement in our niche community. I think in the not-so-distant future, biohacking will be much more mainstream and you and several others have been a big part of that. Keep up the excellent work.
  8. Just finished some of the editing. Is there anything else I should add?
  9. This is perfect ^^ Thank you @Chrisbot
  10. @AlexSmith I'd love to be notified of availability as well. Don't know what sort of interest levels you're seeing for the magnets, but will you be placing a per-person limit on how many we can get when you first get some available? I ask because I intended on buying several right away myself, but didn't want to potentially steal too much of your supply and cause issues for other people. Better yet, if you already know how many you'll have...
  11. @AlexSmith I'm not sure if you see the 'activity' page as a regular part of your feed but I asked there if you could notify me as well. I appreciate the foresight and generosity you display in facilitating this. This is a small but energetic community and I love the collaborative spirit. Keep up the awesome work!
  12. @Jupiter ok, you're added to the list. Per-person limits are not something I'd thought about, but you raise a good point. Yes, I guess I'll have to put some kind of limit on how many any one person gets. Assuming every magnet passes tests, I'll have 100, but it may end up being that only some pass testing. I'll decide on limits once I know exactly how many there are to go around.

    @DACPA  sorry, I don't normally check my activity page, it gets filed with boring notifications about new forum members and such, so I didn't see your request, but I've added you to the list now.
  13. Send me one for my birthday haha, it's the end of June.
  14. @AlexSmith I'd really love to be put on your waiting list too, I've been looking for a m31 for over a year now!
  15. @AlexSmith please put me too in the waiting list! Thanks
  16. @Alex Smith And me too, thanks.
  17. I hope you have alot of magnets @alexsmith haha
  18. I have a nice batch in the works as well. Cassox is going to be helping out with the testing. If they work out, they are going to be pretty sweet - probably looking at like 4 months out.
  19. @mmuyskens, do you have any fun tricks or new innovations in this batch, or completely vanilla m31's? Curious :p
  20. I wanted to do something a little different, it's not exactly like any I've actually seen. They are, however, going to be the same size 3x1. I have 1,000 in production currently. If it works out, I may do a run of n52 TiN next.
  21. @mmuyskens That's pretty interesting, I sincerely hope your batch is gonna do well!
  22. @mmuyskens, would you like me to add an entry for the status of your magnets?
  23. @Alex

    add me to the waiting list please
  24. @Alexsmith Put me on the waiting list too please!
  25. I'd like to be on the waiting list as well, please.
  26. got it, everyone who asked has been added to the waiting list.
  27. uh. i'm late, but it would be interested. add me too please D:
  28. Me too please :)!
  29. I'm pretty sure it's redundant at this point, but for some reason I'm not on that list, throw me in there. Just to be safe. ^^
  30. Added, but don't worry if you're not on the list, I will of course post here when I get the magnets. The list is only for people how want an PM or email. 
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