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  • Thanks for everyone help. I can't figure out how to delete my post (if possible?) but the data collection is long over. I appreciate people who have recently gotten in contact and reminded me to post this.
  • Hi guys, Thanks for your help - sorry I've been AWOL. I hadn't hit my limit of tags allowed (it's something like 50) but after I changed the batteries it let me add it with no issues. @benbeezy I don't have a tag inserted (yet) this is the NFC ring from dangerous things (NTAG216) which is readable by my Android phone too…
  • Are any of you guys interested in being interviews on your implants for my PhD? @Rawin @spiltwine et al
    in Australians Comment by Kaylaj June 2015
  • Hi @VLDRobertson, has your research been published yet? Interested in the findings. 
    in Invitation :) Comment by Kaylaj May 2015
  • One of the first implants was done by an academic Kevin Warwick in the UK. Katina Michael also does a lot of study into this area and has interviewed Amal for an academic paper here . There's now also me! I'm doing my PhD in this area, in the field of interaction design and natural user interfaces (NUIs). So I'm not…
  • Is there any easy way I can find out what frequency an existing card is using? I've been googling to try and find specs for the UniCard system card that I have but no luck. I'm not sure if /any/ RFID reader will be able to tell me the frequency / find out the info for cloning or if you need a specific reader for different…
  • Hey mates, Kayla from Melbourne. No implants yet, interested in playing with chips outside of the body to see what they can do before taking the plunge and putting one inside. Also undertaking a PhD in this area! 
    in Australians Comment by Kaylaj April 2015