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Hi all, 

my name is Venetia and I'm a PhD student at the Univeristy of Sydney, Australia in the department of Studies in Religion. I'm looking for anyone interested in participating in a brief survey about transhumanism and personal identity as part of the fieldwork aspect of my PhD thesis. All submissions are held anonymously, and any information used in publications will not be traceable to the individual. I'm particularly interested in people who have undergone body modification in pursuit of transhuman ideals. My wider project is on other-than-human identities, and this will make a fascinating comparative study.

Just so you know I'm a real person, you can check out my academic profile here: 

I'll be putting this invitation out on a few forums - feel free to recommend me to anyone or anywhere! Drop me a line at [email protected] if you would like to be sent the survey and the accompanying documentation to show my ethics approval by the ethics board of my institution.

Thanks for reading!


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