Help needed - Samsung SHS 3320 doorlock

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I have the Samsung SHS 3320 door lock and there is no help anywhere online for the problem that I am facing with it (yes, I even went to the second page on Google). 

When I click the Registration button to add a new tag to the lock it just doesn't work. I can't see any reason for this. Existing tags and my pin still work to open the door. I have tried re-setting the door and taking the batteries out with no luck. Has anyone experience this, and how did you fix it? 



  • I have not but the first thing that pops in my head after hearing you have tags on it already is you have the maximimum number you can have.

    I don't have one either but that is what it sounds like to me.

    A side from not adding more tags do you like it?
  • As a little more info you can have 70 assigned users and one master.

    You may be trying to add a master or need to grant permission with a master before adding another. Another thought is you could have added the max without knowing it. Try removing them all and reassigning keys if you haven't already.
  • what tag do you have in your hand? and have you ever been able to read it before with any other kind of reader?
  • Hi guys, Thanks for your help - sorry I've been AWOL. 

    I hadn't hit my limit of tags allowed (it's something like 50) but after I changed the batteries it let me add it with no issues. 

    @benbeezy I don't have a tag inserted (yet) this is the NFC ring from dangerous things (NTAG216) which is readable by my Android phone too and I've programmed it to do some things on the phone, just playing around with it. 

    @meanderpaul I have had problems installing it and getting it to work properly and found a lack of support online and in the manual. I also can't get a second key cut for it because no where has the blank key of that type. Once I finally got it working (by loosening the screws so it could glide more easily) I've found it useful because I don't have to carry keys, can't get locked out and it's quicker to get in. It also auto-locks and is alarmed.  
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