Firefly Tattoos



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    AlexSmith: Count me in for a flat version
  • I definitely love the original design as I would like to use it for "eyes" in my tat. Although I have to say the rectangular shape and flat appeals to me for other aesthetic designs. I'm really Kenyon the brighter possibility and the anti-migration. That was the big hold off for me.

    Are we talking scalpel procedure?
  • Most likely, @Meanderpaul ^^' or something similar, not injection like RFID, at least. >~<

    I think it's safe to say from the response so far, flat it is? :o
  • That's what I figured. I do think we maybe able to come up with a better method then the slice and dice method.

    I just have to say auto correct is great

    keen on = Kenyon....
  • Yeah, I think I will wait for a v2 for my forehead location. The possibility of a brighter implant with anti-migration properties is enough to make me save the spot.

    Now to figure out where to place my firefly... Might place it underneath one of the two unoccupied paw prints on my arm. They have a light fur texture filling in the outline, but the light should easily shine through the lighter parts. Also, I have found that the skin on the underside of my arm is no thicker than on my hand. Would like a more visible location though... The underside of your arm isn't always super visible.

    Any ideas? What are the best locations so far?
  • Ok, well it looks like most people are in favour of a flat version. I'll start work on it.

    Meanderpaul  yeah, the flat one would be too large to fit in a needle, I think scalpel would be needed, but it shouldn't be too big a procedure, just a single slice and slide the implant in... 

    trybalwolf  most people go for the back of the hand, but the inner forearm may work too, I'm not sure if anyone has tried it yet?
  • I'm going to be putting a v2 in my face, on my cheek under my right eye. ^^
  • I may stick one on the outside of my bicep. It's still up in the air on the location but definitely not my hand or face.
  • @Zerbula I had considered putting one just beneath and to the side of either eye, but try as I might I can't figure out positioning that I like. X{ 

    I tried drawing out countless locations, but still haven't found one I was happy with.
  • Very interested in a flat one, but will want to see some of the details about how strong they are first. Since It would likely be in my arm I'd want to be sure it's not going to crack if I bump into something.
  • I've also got an idea/question- Could a flat firefly tattoo be paired with a segmented LCD to produce something readable
    through the skin? (Even if only in low-light.) Obviously there are still power requirements for a
    display and all the challenges that come with that, I'm just curious if
    this could be a lower power alternative to LEDs.
  • @alexsmith I want the flat version. 
  • @AlexSmith i would vote round, if it can come in blue =3 if not then flat is fine, im glad i saw this because i'm getting that itch to implant, but i'd rather wait until v2 comes out and have a bigger brighter one.
  • @zerbula, please post pics if you do it in your face! also you should get a tear drop tattoo and put it under that! 
  • I plan to implant my firefly tonight. Will be recording the procedure and reporting back here afterwards. The location I ended up choosing was on the bottom of my left forearm. Similar to the locations of my xNT and xEM. The skin seems rather thin in the area and I think it should be able to shine through decently well.
  • Well, the implant is in. The procedure went well, although being considerably more bloody than I expected. The implant was not immediately visible, but can be very easily felt beneath the skin. I will write more, when I am able to get the video footage off my camera, upload it, and post it here. I would also like to give my arm a rest.
  • Nicely done! ^^

    Watching, but take your time, please.
  • Video should be coming soon.... 
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    Yay! I was finally able to edit and upload the video to youtube.

    First a short write-up...

    So yes, tonight I implanted my firefly tattoo. This was my fourth implant (I previously had 3 microchip implants), and was my first self/solo implant.

    With my previous implants I found professional piercers who were willing to help me with the procedure, this time around I wanted to do it myself. I had a few reasons for wanting to do it myself, but the greatest was just to push myself mentally and to test my limits. I have tattooed and branded myself in the past, but as far as sticking large gauge needles into my own body... That was something I was unsure of how well I would deal with. 

    I started off by spraying down my entire countertop in isopropyl alcohol. I also sprayed off the clamp that I used to hold my skin, as well as every bit of my arms. I used the included Chlorhexidine Gluconate swab. After ensuring that everything was sterile, I proceeded to grab the clamp and grip the skin in the desired location.

    I was amazed by how easily the needle entered my skin, but also surprised by how difficult it was to advance past the first half of the bevel. I had to reposition the clamp several times as it kept slipping. My main concerns were to keep from placing the implant too deep, and to steer clear of any veins in the area.

    I was very surprised by the amount of blood. Not surprised to the point of being concerned, but it was very unexpected to see my blood just spilling all over my counter. I now know the rush you get seeing that. 

    Eventually I got the needle fully inside and was able to advance it far enough beyond the incision (puncture?) point that I was able to safely depress the plunger as I retracted the injector. 

    Now for the funny bit of the story. After completely removing the injector from the skin, I saw the tip of the plunger and thought that it was the implant itself. I thought that the implant had somehow remained inside the plunger. At this point I laid the injector on my arm, applied more alcohol to my hands and was just about ready to manually push the implant into the channel I had formed, when I realized that the implant was in fact safely placed beneath my skin. That was a bit of a relief.

  • Very nicely done! I'm wondering after watching you struggle to force it into your arm if it makes more sense to make a sort of pilot hole with a slightly smaller needle? I image it would go in a whole lot smoother if there is already a spot to slip in.
  • My interpretation was the method of how the skin was being tented, and the angle of Entry. you can see how the skin is trying to bunch up from the resistance because of the angle it's entering at.

    I honestly believe the reason you had that much trouble with it is probably because you used such a large clamp, and because of the oversized clamp, you went in at a more resistant angle. I think...

    In any case, well done! Success is great, and nice video :D

    keep us posted on what happens with it. :3
  • Would the original smaller versions still be made available after you run out of stock on them if you do go with these larger ones for v2?  I would also vote that the new ones be flat, with all the bells and whistles. Personally, as someone new to implanting, I would really appreciate still being able to get my hands on ones that can be injected, in addition to the fact that there smaller rounded ones will likely work better for the design I am thinking of creating.
  • And great video @trybalwolf!  It is always really helpful to get to look at someone actually going through with the procedure you are about to attempt, so thank you. 
  • @Meanderpaul just an fyi. it will probably not be as spectacular as you think if you implant it underneath a tatt. i tried it by putting one of those "fake tattoos" on top of my implant. and i could see extremely minimal light in pitch dark.   the idea of "light up features of the tattoo " is only good till you realize that you cannot see the tattoo at the amount of dark needed for the firefly to be visible in. hope that makes sense. 
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    rpyka I don't know how well it would work as a backlight, but it's an interesting idea. Maybe worth a try.
    Dragon5 I think V2 will be better suited to go under tattoos, we will find out when it's finished.

    Parts to make V2 have started arriving. Here is a sample of the outer glass tubing next to a V1 for size:
  • Is it too soon for an ETA? :o


    @Alexsmith, when can I learn to play with fun things? /._./
  • Zerbula
    ETA is: not soon :(
    The outer glass is already here, and the tritium lights are en-route, but the lead glass cases have to be custom built and will take >2 months, we are probably looking at mid november for prototypes and longer for mass availability.
  • Hmmmm birthday gift to myself I like it! Can't wait to see the outcome for v2!
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    So time for a small update. The implant is healing very well and faster than I had expected. By today (Day 6), there is no more pain or discomfort associated with it and I am able to palpate the area with no unpleasant feeling.

    I have been surprised by how bright the implant has become. By day 2, I was able to see a soft glow through the skin after my eyes had adjusted for a minute or two. As of today, I can place an object a few inches from the implant and see them by the light it produces. I do not know how much brighter it will get, but do not expect much more. I have not yet been able to photograph it, but that might be an issue with my phone camera's low light photography capabilities.

    Here are some pictures documenting the healing. Day two, followed by day 4, and then today (day 6).

    Day 2:

    Day 4:

    Day 6:

    I am honestly waiting for the day when someone asks me why I only modify my left forearm.... It's pretty much all there so far.
  • So.....why do you only mod your left forearm....
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