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    @thetarn I've never heard the clicking unless I try to make it happen. Even then, sometimes its hard to do. I have to shake it just right and very forcefully. Sometimes I cant do it at all. I dont think you'd have anything to worry about.

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    @thetarn Here's a post with all of the info about my implant. I added a few pictures, but they're super blurry. I'm still figuring out long exposures on a phone.

  • Arrived to New Zealand today! What a big box for something so small. Have made an appointment to get it implanted Tuesday after the long weekend.

  • @bentpins where are you choosing to put it in?

    @FireBreathingReptile how was the pain level on this one with the bigger needle vs the original?

  • @aidoneus Still not 100% sure. I was thinking forearm but @Beano 's story scared me off a bit.
    Probably on the back of my hand somewhere.

  • I haven't installed mine yet, plan to do it Tuesday and put it in my hand between thumb and finger. Anyone know the comparisons against V1 & v2 yet for brightness?

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    @Semilovr12 I don't know about a comparison underneath skin, but:

    There's a v1 in the upper middle of that photo you can compare to.

  • @Bentpins My problem was that I put it a little too deep. I still dont think it would have been much of a problem but the location was right against the side of the largest tendon so it kinda caused it to lay a little sideways. After it flipped and i realised it was pretty hard to flip it back I decided to redo it.

    However, I have two v1's on my other forearm and they are both perfect because they are right under the skin. I like it because they dont bulge too much and i dont have to worry about hitting them or having them in a high movement area like the back of the hand.

  • @aidoneus In my experience the bigger needle didnt hurt much more but it was definitely harder to get it in. They are kinda sticky going in as you have dry skin and a dry needle with no lubrication to allow it to slide once you puncture as your skin will be tight around the needle and not allow blood to act as lube. Hopefully that makes sense. Same issue with the v1 but coupled with the bigger needle it was a pain. Probably part of the reason it went too deep. Just my 2 cents.

  • Brief update! The incision is healing nicely! : D

    Ah. So, cannot reinforce enough. Be careful with super glue, it can easily cause more damage! Hehe. >3<

  • @Zerbula may I ask, did you use the injector or just pushing in through an incision? If the injector, why is the glue necessary, vs just taping up the hole?

  • I remember putting my hand through a window when I was. kid (accidentally) and rather than stitches they put these sticky plaster type things on that just pulled the incision closed but allowed it to heal and breathe. Would something like that not work better?

  • @aidoneus, the v2 with the big needle actually hurt less than the v1. I think that this is primarily due to the locations I chose (v1 in the hand, v2 below the collarbone). The v2 is also healing very quickly, which surprises me for such a big puncture.

  • ...

    I'm really bad at this. I keep constantly playing with my firefly...

    It's been a week, the incision I made (too close to the implant) is 90% healed and safely closed. IMPLANT SUCCESS! /^3^/

    Though, it is still very sore and obviously not benefiting from me playing with it. It's also in a slightly higher-traffic area for my face than was expected... x-x

    Assuming it was left to heal properly, it should be bright within... A week? anyone care to confirm or deny that playing with it will slow down healing, and why it would keep it dim? (Swelling, is it making more blood subdermally or stopping it from being broken down?)

    I'm not sure right now. x-x

  • @Zerbula I imagine that swelling would cause delays, and playing with it would definitely not help! Maybe try cooling it with some cold water (not direct ice!) and take an anti-inflammatory. Give it a bit of time to kick in. Cool it again. See how it looks in the dark?

  • If you are going to play with it at least get some healing cream or something and rub that in while doing so! I have the same problem with my piercings! XD

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    TLDR: It's in, syringe quality was questioned, no glow yet

    I got mine implanted in my forearm yesterday! I'd post a picture of my arm but it's pretty standard looking at the moment, 1-2cm bruise and the hole is still healing.

    The professional's observations (not verbatim, as best I can recall).
    1. No information/aftercare sheet like the V1. "A bit cheeky". The dimensions were Googled to be sure about the markings.
    2. Syringe had no seal on the plunger, no resistance at all. I think he said even a spring would've have helped? Missing a seal meant blood started to fill up the barrel. Here's a picture, it looks like a bloody syringe so only click if you're keen to see that
    3. Syringe plunger (yellow section) fell out of the barrel onto the floor pre-implant. That shouldn't happen. Got a thorough alcohol wipe down.
    4. The 6mm needle looked like a 4mm needle flattened with pliers. Which is fine.
    5. There should probably be a cap on the end of the protective tube (or maybe the needle?) in case it falls out

    My observations
    1. Not anywhere near as sore as I was expecting, even with no anesthetic or numbing agent
    2. The lightheadedness was strange. Was very glad to find someone capable to get it implanted. YMMV it's my first body mod.
    3. Weird sensation having something under the skin. It's sorta like having an immunization.
    4. Not visible, or only visible enough I'm not sure if I'm imagining it 26 hours after implant.

  • I just implanted my v2 just now. The needle was very hard to push threw the skin between the finger and thumb, not much blood but also wasn't a good time. Will post updates later

  • This is not the first I have seen of the needle 'sticking' I wonder if there is some kind of bio-safe material one could apply to the needle as a lubricant? I find myself wondering if actual water based lube would work? I am sure it's not the intended purpose - but guys are already using superglue for closing the incision, why not lube? lol

  • @thetarn I'm not sure whether it was your standard issue lube, but there was definitely some placed on the tip of the needle during my implantation. No sticking issues

  • I wonder if you could use petroleum jelly as lube. It has anti-bacterial properties and is the main ingredient in things like neosporin.

  • @everyone...

    KY jelly is an appropriate surgical lubricant. Just fyi, If memory serves correct...^^

  • Good to know!

  • How do you post a picture?

  • I've just enabled a wysiwyg post editor, so you should be able to post pictures more easily, now.

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    Thanks @tekniklr

    Here are a few pictures of the back of the implant and my hand at about 12 hrs after implanting. One thing that I notice right away is the kinda loud click from the implant when I move my hand around.


    It's been 24 hrs since implanted and I can already see the light, faint but clear. That should tell you how bright this sucker will be once fully healed.

    I have V1 in my left hand and v2 in my right so I'll be able to compare the light output once completely healed.
  • @tekniklr said:
    I've just enabled a wysiwyg post editor, so you should be able to post pictures more easily, now.

    And a quote button! Yay!

  • First implant, firefly v1, implantation success! Due to placement I wasn't 100% comfortable doing it myself but my intrepid wife was totally game with me walking her through it. I fiddled with the placement for a while but settled on a spot before I got too nervous. We prepped a sterile area and got to work. The entire process only took a few minutes and we were able to notice the glow in a dark room through the bandage immediately afterwards.

  • 5 days after implanting, I've got a big yellowish bruise and no glow. Guess there's a lot of blood under the skin and I've got a bunch more healing to do.

  • Over a week here, almost two... No glow here. BUT, I do keep playing with it. ;_;
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