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  • Alex please update

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    Ok... as always things were delay, but the first batch of 15 implants are sitting in the warehouse waiting to ship out to people.

    I know everyone will hate me because there are not enough for everyone, but don't worry, this is just the first batch, I have more here, I just have to package and ship them

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    @AlexSmith are they available for purchase? It still says "coming soon." Also, are these without parylene?

  • @Beano thanks for pointing out the "coming soon" text, I have removed it. Yes, these are without parylene. At some point in the future I'll make a new product listing for the parylene coated ones.

  • Awesome! I placed my order! I'm glad i checked the website before they sold out. I cant wait!

  • @Zerbula I reserved one for you if you want it, just in case the batch sells out before you can order, let me know and I'll give you a code

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    Thank you much ;_; Paypal is being very dysfunctional, trying to do a work around.

    Oh, did I mention I'm extremely excited? ;^; So excited.

  • I just ordered one. I'll make a post about it after implantation. Thanks @AlexSmith!

  • You guys that are buying the v2, where in the world are you in? I'm in the USA - Kansas

  • @AlexSmith, got mine. Thank you so much, awaiting eagerly! ^^

  • @AlexSmith hey bud, my v2 got here today. I haven't taken it out of the sealed package yet but should the two inner capsules have a lot of movement to them?

  • Welp! Just got done implanting my v2 and a v1 that I ordered at the same time. V2 on the left arm and v1 on the right. I used one suture for the v1 and 2 sutures for the v2. Not much to see right now but I will try and post a picture after it heals if you guys want. Its a lot smaller than i imagined. Still a giant needle though.

  • @Beano yes please on the photo when it's healed.

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    @Semilovr12 I assume you are referring to the way they rattle. There is space between the layers of glass in the implant and it is natural for them to make a little noise.

    @AlexSmith I was wondering if in the future there was a way to keep this from happening? Maybe a drop of silicone in the bottom of the borosilicate tube before you place it inside?

  • @Beano I haven't heard it rattle, I just tipped the sealed package left and right while the implant was still in the needle and saw how much movement there was, if I had to guess maybe 1/4" or more. I'm wondering like what if I have it put it my hand between the thumb and finger and for example throw a football or make a strong forward motion; will the inner capsules slam together and possibly crack? I also have the V1 implanted and I couldn't see any movement inside it compared to the v2.

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    Got mine! .3.

    Implanted mine! .3.

  • Is everyone ordering off of I see they are out of stock on the V2 :(

  • Yea, there was only 20 available I think to start out with

  • FUVK too late

  • There will be more soon. That was just the amount he sent to start off with.

  • Just implanted my v2! I'll make a post about it in a few days once it heals up a bit. I put it below my left collarbone, and the whole thing took about a minute. It was much less painful than I anticipated. I can see it very faintly now, but it's much less bright than the v1 I have in the back of my hand.

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    Whew had a scare! My v1 yellow and v2 have seemed about the same brightness but the v2 has a slightly larger surface area. However, I think I installed my v2 a little too deep. My v1 is an easily visible lump just under the skin. The location is perfect. However, despite the larger size my v2 is hard to find or feel. Its situated right by a tendon in my mid forearm.
    Well, today i noticed I could no longer see the light from my v2 while i could see the v1. I realized it must have flipped over. If it was installed like my v1 i probably could have flipped it. However, due to the depth i struggled with it for about 20 minutes and couldnt flip it. I began to realize how terrible the location was and i was contemplating taking it out and trying again with a scalpel. Then I realized I could no longer find it at all. It had slipped deeper down my arm under the tendons and I was freaking out! For a few minutes i was digging my fingers into my arm trying to feel it. I'm glad it clicks when I shake it because it gave me some reassurance and helped me narrow down the location by sound. Well, I finally found it and managed to work it back up to the original spot and voila! It had magically fixed itself and i can see it again.
    Lesson learned though. I still feel like i need to reinstall it. That was a little too nerve wracking. Plus its not as bright as I had hoped, but I think if it wasnt so deep it would be brighter. Too bad I wont be able to use the needle.

  • @FireBreathingReptile would love a pic in location. I am still considering a creative spot for mine. Still pretty keen on the nape of my neck.

    @Beano sounds scary! How heavy is the clicking? Worried if I do put it in my neck that it may make a noise when I walk and drive me mad.


    Still planning on doing a writeup. So, just a thing all of you! >3<

    • Make sure you put your implant far enough away from the incision site! At the end-all be-all, it's about 1-2mm away from the actual incision... The first 6 hours were incredibly um... suspenseful. After took the first layer of superglue off, I was gifted a cute little cut that looked like a papercut! :D

    Then I put more glue over it and slept on it... and it REALLY needed to seep. Also, this leads me into my second observation...

    • IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE NON-MEDICAL SUPERGLUE THAT SAYS MAY GENERATE HEAT... That's a good warning to heed. On my second go-around, I ended up finding out that Loctite ULTRA is not friendly to reapplication in the same location, nor is is friendly for adhering any type of bandaging/gauzing... It gave me nice burns AND lifted skin! /._./

    (It's still wonderful for one-time application on injuries... This changes nothing on my love for it.)

    I woke up in the morning with a very damp wound that had stretched open and swelled in a manner to waterlogging, while lifting up a good layer or two of skin... it also gave me a nasty bruise around under my eye... ;^;

    BUT! It is healing nicely, all mistakes learned from! Also, @FireBreathingReptile, Impressive! :o It took me forty minutes of careful carefulness... Pain wasn't really the issue, I didn't want to pull and @aviin and tear a core out of my right cheek, because not exactly experienced with working on organic material. >~<

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    @thetarn I can get people to hear it from about 3-4 feet away, if I try, and they are listening for it. I cannot get it to rattle unless I shake my head pretty intentionally. As of yet, I have not heard it click any time I did not want it to, say for example, turning my head or looking about. .3.

    I actually have a bit of a headache that comes on from sharp head movement, from shaking my head around for fun, to experiment with the noise. Right now I can't actually make it click without hurting my head.

    If you can make it click by walking, I'm really interested in seeing the way you walk. XD

  • @Zerbula I have a funny walk! People recognise me, from behind, down the street by my walk! XD

    But it sounds like I wouldn't have too many issues with the click if it takes as much force as you mention.

  • @zerbula is yours in your face!? Awesome! Pics! Please! :)

  • Unfortunately, I am shy! >3<

    I may sometime though. But first, it needs to glow enough to even see. It isn't bright enough to be picked up on a phone camera yet, though it's still improving slowly as time goes on.

    No idea how bright it will be at it's peak. BUT, Hopeful. people seemed almost content with the V1. ^^

  • Cool. Take your time. Best of luck with the healing. :)

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