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  • How easy to remove are implants with anti migration coatings? I want to replace my magic mifare classic tag with one of these. Perhaps one of the originals if they are more difficult to remove.
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    @xaion27 the Parylene bonds with tissue; they will be more difficult to remove, iirc.

    I think it would need to be physically cut/separated for sake of extraction, but don't quote me. X_x

    Tags with no anti migration will not bond; make a cut and pop them out. ^^
  • ok, I didn't bother trying to add patterns, people didn't seem excited about it and I didn't want to delay getting v2 done by testing different designs. Maybe next time. Current status is lead and lead oxide coating done, currently in shipping to Germany. I'll start working on injectors and Parylene coating while I wait for the implants to be finished.


    is correct. The current v1 are super easy to remove, but with the anti migration coating v2 will bond to the tissue and be harder to remove.

  • I recently got V1 implanted, been in for about 10 days so far. Can v2 be implanted right next to V1? There seems to be enough room. When is the projected finish date, end of the year?

    Shout out to Alex for having a damn good response to his customers questions. You sir are one of the innovators of implants. I wish I had the skill and knowledge like you guys. So far I only know of the Northstar, Firefly, and magnets by Steve Haworth, which is a very awesome guy! What else is there? I want to be more involved but it's hard to know how. I want to be apart of the innovation!
  • Semilovr12 thanks :)

    Distance from another implant is no different for the Firefly from other types of implants. I.e. you don't want it too close, or the implants could rub together, or maybe even break if enough force was applied. I would say at least 1cm between any two implants, ideally more just in case they move closer together over time.

    As for the finish date, it should be well before the end of the year, we are maybe looking at 2 months until they are done, but it will depend on a few things.

    As for other types of implants... I can't give details yet, but there are some really cool things in the works, keep an eye on the forums/twitter etc.

  • @AlexSmith
    Any hints on what's in the works? Price range? 

    Can't decide what I want, the whole idea seems righteous af, to put it lightly. That being said, what do you think the price range will be? Should I be saving I guess is what I'm asking (college student with little spending money checking in)

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    Suds Price is not finalized yet, it will be a bit more than v1 to cover the increased manufacturing costs, but I won't know the exact costs until I've got the anti-migration coating and injectors sorted out. The goal is around $139, but it will depend on total production costs.

    Edit: sorry, just re-read your question, I now get you were asking about the other things I'm working on. The first thing to be released is just an upgraded NFC implant, price will be similar to the current NFC chip. Gotta love advances in chip making eh :)

    After that... I don't want to give away the device until it's at least in testing, right now I'm still designing the hardware/software, should be done this year, but will still be a little while away.
  • I think it'd be neat to get three of them, and use them as part of a radiation symbol...
  • Haaaa I was thinking the other day about using one in one of the symbols from Doktor Sleepless.
  • @AlexSmith  Thanks for the info! Looking forward to it m8. Just one more question: Concerning @katngreen sick idea with the radiation tattoo, what's the limit cap for how many of these fireflies you can put in your body before it becoming potentially hazardous?
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    Suds I don't see any limitations on the number of implants. The risk is very low, but any radiation exposure would be very localised.

    There is no compounding effect from more multiple implants, having more than one is not really an issue.

    PS: The outer coatings are finished and the v2 Fireflies are currently being shipped to me :D
  • Excitement! :D Just a few more weeks, then?
  • Yep, I'm super excited too. While they could be implanted right away, I won't make them available until they are really ready. But I think I've solved the problem of injectors. I won't know for sure until the sample needles arrive in the post, but hopefully these flattened needles will fit the Firefly v2. I still have to get the anti-migration coating done, but hopefully it will only take a few weeks.

    I can't wait to see pics of the implanted v2 at night, I think it will look amazing.
  • @AlexSmith Stoked dude! Can't wait!
  • image

    I am finally in possession of the finished Firefly v2!

    Of course I still have to get the anti-migration coating done, and I'm still waiting for the needles to arrive, but these are already in an implantable state, so we are 95% done. :D
  • Those look great! I like the rectangular light shape.
  • Now those make for quite a pretty sight :D
  • Definitively want one of these, they look great!

    Can we get a picture in the dark?
  • If they didn't have the anti-migration coating, could they be flipped under the skin to "turn it off?"
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    Here you go, this is the v2 in the dark. I put a v1 green and v1 yellow near the top centre of the image for comparison.

    McSTUFF I don't know the answer to that yet. It seems plausible, but without trying I really don't know.
  • WOW!!!  That looks like a big difference between V1 and V2.  I can't wait to find out how bright these are when actually implanted.

    Do you plan to implant one in a chicken leg or piece of pork?  I'm thinking these will be useful as a flashlight for finding key holes and should be very noticeable even in less than full darkness.
  • @Birdhandz on first read of your comment I thought you meant that you would find a chicken leg with a v2 implanted useful as a flashlight lol

    @AlexSmith those look amazing, and I'll definitely be buying one once the anti-migration coating is added.
  • Well @AlexSmith, once again, you've outdone yourself. These look absolutely incredible. While I currently have a V1 in my left forearm, I am greatly considering removing it, replacing with a V2, and getting a second to mirror it on the other arm.

    Is the length of the V2 comparable to that of the V1?
  • @rpyka  Yeah, I should have hit return after that chicken leg comment.  I had to go all the way back to page one of this thread to find it but V1 (actually I think it was pre V1) was put in a chicken leg to test the lighting through skin.


    I think it was @trybalwolf who first mentioned using his as a flashlight lighting things 6" away and then @actii said his could only "light a keyhole " from maybe three inches.  The V2 should be much better as an implanted "flashlight".

  • Definitively getting one, they look awesome in the dark!

    Chicken skin picture would be nice too. I'm mostly curious to see if it could really be used as an implanted flashlight.

  • Is it possible to get one without the anti- migration coating?
  • @AlexSmith @puzbiks1 I too would be more interested in a V2 that did not come with the parylene. I have had no migration issues with my V1 which I suspect is mostly due to my implant location of choice. At most, I'd say it migrated 0.5mm sideways from the implant side.

    @Birdhandz, yes. Thanks to the thickness of my skin on my inner forearms, light cast from my implant reaches 6-7" in a completely dark room. With the V2, I can only imagine how useful it could be. 

    That said, a brighter implant comes with downsides as well, I have on occasion accidentally woken myself up in the middle of the night by placing my V1 over my face... Small price to pay in my mind, when sized against the potential usefulness of the implant.
  • AAAAA excitement! (>O_O)>

    This the cool stuff that happens when I look away for a few days.. ;_;

  • aye I would like sans coating. Did someone mention flipping it? Like, it might be possible to flip it to the coated side, giving it the option of being 'off'.
  • I have other things to spend my limited money on right now but I would vote for without the anti-migration coating.

    My thinking, right or wrong, is that the flatter shape might help keep it from moving around as much and, in case it is needed or wanted to be removed, the coating would make it harder to do.
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