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  • I was thinking that they could be inserted into glass capsules to make some super small injectable LED blinkies. Thats really a bummer. It looks like Panasonic has a couple other "Pin Style" batteries.
  • Were there ever any updates on this @ThomasEgi? Do you think a group buy is still possible?
  • @aidoneus, no I haven't done anything unfortunately. The healing will take years and I still have a nasty scar to show for it. Some day it might fade...
  • Sorry for some more thread necro. I haven't been active for quite a while so I figured that I would post an update. Below you can see some pictures of the scar. (Also can we no longer embed pictures or links? Do we need to use html tags?)
  • @BirdMachine Awesome! Thanks for the update, I will be sure to check out the sandbox as well.
  • Just wondering, did the new version of the forum ever get up and running? I believe that they had mentioned something about having a project section. A place where we could document things and keep people updated kind of like
  • I would have to see how visible the implant would be first. Have gotten any pig flesh to test it on something like that?
  • @lolsmcfee, yes you can fly no problem with these. The metal detectors are calibrated for small bits of metal that can't be removed (buttons, pins, ect.)
  • @Chironex, you got featured on Hackaday! Congrats! 
  • Alright I'm hooked, keep us updated if you find anything or take anything out of your head!
  • Very neato, but where can I buy them?
  • I am much more technologically inclined so I cannot offer you any direct insight into such things. However, I would start with the basics, maybe even start with reading through a few entry level text books, do some research and possibly reach out to a local university and see if there is someone to mentor you. Such a…
  • Honestly, this just doesn't seems feasible on the hobbyist level. If you want to make it reality though you will have to work hard. I would start by teaching yourself all you can about the topic. Do you have any experince in the world of gene editing/therapy? 
  • @ThomasEgi, sorry, I abstracted for the sake of conversation. I was talking to the NorthStar guys a while back, and they are using this chip. It's got a receiver and li-ion charger all in one and its only 5mmx5mm. Might be a good option for what ever application these batteries will be…
  • @Cathasach, I mean a watch would be cool and convenient but I will just wear my smart watch. I was thinking specifically for behind the ear so you can have the convenience of having something that can provide audio feedback without constantly having a huge lump in your skull. And the guy who did the watch used normal…
  • @Chaphasilor. Don't worry Qi charging is designed specifically for lithium batteries and all of that is handled in the charging circuitry. It will work.
  • I am not sure how relevant this, but I was also thinking about some sort of mounting system. I was thinking about some sort of membrane with magnets embedded in it that would be inserted under the skin. The magnets could then be used to temporarily attach things to yourself. Maybe something like a bluetooth transducer…
  •  so obviously it depends on the type of scar and how far into the healing process it is. I know that @chrionex was working on an extracellular matrix for coating implants. Maybe something along those lines. It could provide a scaffolding for new skin cells to grow into, instead of healing in from the edges.
  • Sorry for self-thread necro. The implant is still in perfect working order and the coating was not compromised. As such, I would still like to implant it. Any suggestions for alternate sites? I am willing to cut on my scar as it still in the relatively early stages of healing (for a scar that is). Perhaps if I stitch it up…
  • @ThomasEgi, I like your style....
  • @Rocco8620, a nicely stitched wound would be the best way to minimize scaring in the short term. Not sure about fancy gels but I am up for anything I am also very interested in this. I am the dummy that installed the FlexNT without stitching it up so I have a great scar to test on if there is anything experimental.
  • Anybody else what to follow up on this? I am still down but not exactly in a position to plan such an event I also didn't realize that the 15th is the day before Easter. I could still do either day though the 8th would probably be better.
  • @Caia, nah. Those are glass capsules that are manufactured and then have the important bits pushed into them and then sealed off. Coating a magnet in molten glass would make it not magnet any more...
  • The new ESP32 has both Bluetooth and WiFi, is dirt cheap, and will have the support of the ESP8266 in a couple of months I bet. It has a ton of bells and whistles that might be useful for this project.
  • I am fully on board with this!! Yes please! How soon will they be available and when can we organize a group buy?
  • @Jupiter, that's actually a very interesting concept!
  • @rpyka, oh my goodness, that is a gnarly picture
  • I am convinced! I still have my test mag as well and I hope to do the implant within the next few weeks,
  • @rpyka, are you sure that the coating wasn't scratched while you were taking it out? 
  • @Cathasach, I totally agree. However this does come to mind...