experts on implants needed - tough one!

this is really a tough one and I need your help guys! Please tell me whatever comes up in your mind

what kind of implants you know that can mind read plus /and /or send you acoustics (coming from real people with kind of a microphone and machine that is transmitting their words, sentences, etc via frequencies) into my ears so I can perceive what they say no matter where I am (I guess dependable on chosen frequencies and their distance limitation they have to be somehow around in a distant of somewhat until 30 (maybe more) km)

and what kind of material do they use for that? it should be material including some kind of metal as I perceive their sounds and it works via frequencies, but apparently (not sure) its a material that has a lower radiopacity than xray could sense and depict - i got the information they are using some kind of biodegradables but would then they be able to perfectly capture and transmit frequencies (carrying information as my thoughts and their words)

as well has any one an idea how to visualize them and where to get them out (have tried xray, mri, echography, which does give positive results but not well enough for a chirurgien to get these out) 

so in fact i bought several different frequency detectors and they alarm as hell always on the same places in my face,neck and around ears. i have another device functioning with light and vibration and so if i put it on my ear (either right or left) for several minutes this implants which are apparently deep in the ear channel (even behind the tympanum starts to get crazy, i hear them louder and it gives sounds like hell - so yes i got them and apparently with a needle or somehow as i had no operation i would remember)

also i woke up once when i was abroad in a very insecure place and all my face was swollen around the eyes both sides especially, since then all this hell started - and i got several times the indication from a guy involved that `he could see trough my eyes from then on` - and apparently they can

I would very much appreciate your advises on what you now about such implants, i have much more information what they are doing with that and who
but all i want is to get rid of these

Thank you 



  • Uh, sorry my reading comprehension must not be very good. Just to clarify are you saying you believe you have received implants against your will, and the implants are making you hear voices?
  • There's an easy way to detect these. Go to an er. Tell them you hit your head hard and have a bad headache. Tell them that you were nauseated and vomiting. They will do a CT scan of your head and neck. Then a few days later request a copy of your medical records. Any device will show up. If you do this and send me the CT I'll analyze it and remove them for you. If we don't find anything, then you'll have to consider other possible sources for your experience.
  • Second @cassox 's suggestion. Take advantage of a CT scan, it will do a good job. Check your insurance isn't lapsed, and go hit up an ER. ^^
  • cassox thanks so much for answering! you mean on the ct scan any device no matter which material will show up? i did already x ray and mri and as well ct - but just the normal ct. but the issue is always blocked if i try to consult with the doctors and then, the time i did the ct they took extra long to give out the images, same strange answers and behavior from the doctors as in all other cases where i tried to get scanned and the right visualization technique - in the final end I asked myself if they gave me the right pictures or if they have manipulated something on them. the prob is that if i got them in the ear channel behind the tympani then one doctor said it is almost impossible to visualize them if they were put between the ossicles. after extensive research find the information that they can put some kind of rf antenna implants in both earchannels and then your receive their sounds as they can capture in between all your thoughts and transmit to a external receiver, which should not be too far which then decodes the information on the frequencies in a software program and you have it written down (or they have headphones *hearing* what i am thinking) - this is no joke and it goes for over an year with all kind of means that are all but not funny. beside of all kind of other possibilities they could or do use for the described they have put definitely implants - and believe me nobody wants to have these kind of implants. would you maybe imaging another way to destroy them or make them not functioning anymore (tried already several materials but blocking is not permanent) if lets say its somewhere it would be too hard or risky to get them out?

    can i send you the pics i have cassox (email address?), you are able to remove even? 

  • Alright I'm hooked, keep us updated if you find anything or take anything out of your head!
  • I think that proceeding to the ER as Cassox explained is important. You do not need to bring them up; Your own body is not known by those doctors.

    If a doctor took an x-ray of a wrist and found an RFID chip in it, and someone is using it for work, it's their business. It becomes the doctors business when you make it their business. >~>

    You don't want to go in 'Because I have unwanted implants in my head please help me, and don't edit anything'. It's not their business or focus. If you go into the ER after suffering a gunshot wound to the hand, they are going to treat your gunshot, x-ray your hand, and ignore the RFID chip in your wrist... It's not relevant or important to them. They want a clear picture of everything to see the damage. Make sure things are okay. ^^

  • oh beside of the fact that they anticipate what i do and try to block any action that could help me bring these out

    xray i have done so far but its is not clear and for interpretation you need someone who has a straight look can differentiate and is open minded and want to help

    any idea about the material they could have used and
    how to destroy any kind of implants with antenna or anyhow differently emitting and receiving frequency signals and information carried on it?
  • Excellent. Yes. Please email or send me the images. An MRI is even better then a CT in some ways. The bottom line though is that yes, any devices would be evident in these scans. Furthermore, because you had an MRI, it's unlikely anything is there. Metal would have been moved likely with catastrophic result. The MRI techs would have shit themselves and pulled you out of the room rapidly. These imaging devices do a great job. I mean, we can find the smallest bleeds and damaged​ brain tissue. I work in an er and I can tell you the likelihood of a conspiracy is next to zero. Despite all the rules about HIPPA, anything interesting gets spread in like no time. The number of techs and radiologists involved means you wouldn't be successful in hiding anything even with threats on people's lives. For example, I had a psych patient once who actually worked for the CIA. No, not a hallucination. Folks from the CIA were involved to make sure he didn't say the wrong things etc. Trust me, everyone in the place knew despite attempts to keep it hushed.
    You need to decide your level of falsifiability. It's like comparing religion and science.

    Basically a religious person can't lose an argument. Because God is magical right? Whatever counter argument you come up with.. it's because God wants it like that. Maybe there is some huge conspiracy around you.. but it isn't super likely right? So no matter what scans or evidence you get you can say its been doctored. But it's not helpful to you to go down that road. If we don't find anything in the scans, then let's accept that there isn't an implant.
    So what's next? There are ways to remotely transmit voice into someone's head. I believe it uses microwave. Do you know anything about farraday cages?
  • I think there are three possibilities. It could be an implant. It could be some kind of transmitter or a similar technology. Or it could something like a chemical imbalance. I'll definitely look into the scans for you. I have a radiologist friend who can do better than I. In terms of a transmitter system, I'd find a shielded area or make a farraday cage. One option would be to find a place with a deep parking lot. Once you're a couple of stories underground, see if you still hear voices etc. Give it some time as well. Try this in a few places. If you're still getting the voices, then consider that it may be biological. The thing is, you don't really need to believe it's true. Just go hear what a psychiatrist has to say about it. Try out the medication they advise if they do and see if the voices are affected. If it resolves, then at least you've found something that will eliminate the voices regardless of the actual source.
    The nice thing about trying the psychiatric option is that it rules out the simplest solution. You're going to want to try this before going for more exotic possibilities. This isn't a criticism of you at all. It's just an important possible sources to consider.
  • Am I the only one who types out long and grandeur posts only to proofread them and delete them before hitting the "Post Comment" button because they would come off as unkind?

    Anyhow, I digress.
  • yes i have checked all options before coming to the final and true one, which i wrote. if people break in, steal things, hunt you anywhere you go, rent apartments around any place you stay longer in,... yes you can definitely be sure there is a something going on about that - nanite type nanotechnology is definitely hard to see on mri which is used see nano mesh wire and biodegradable apparently also, which may be true or not. 
    yes its definitely some kind of transmitter/implant which is the same at the final end its something that doesn't belong to my body and was forced into by other people. and yes im seeking experts, that could evolve about how they would get these implants out without turning around hospitals and always get refused, or how to get rid in another way. possible they use also other means, but first these must get out. 
    believe me were you in my position, you would also seek advice within this forum
  • I'm surprised ightden hasn't got on here to try and roast you yet cyb
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    If you're concerned about nanites, analyze your blood under a microscope. If you're in university, see if you can get some one to run your sample through an electron microscope. Or maybe a mass spectrometer. If there's nanotech, they'd be able to tell you for sure.

    Here's a link on how to do the slide prep: LINK

    You could try a faraday cage. It's going to sound very odd, but go buy a large metal trashcan, and sit inside of it, so it's upside down. Don't touch the walls until you're done inside. You should also ground it. If you've done it right, you won't hear anything if it's a beamed signal.

    If you live in a rural, mountainous region, go find a cave, go inside until you lose cell service, and camp out for the night. Set up cameras if you like. Just... Be smart about picking a cave. Take the proper safety precautions. 
  • The thing is, there's no evidence of the technology you describe existing.
  • We've had a nice casual reinforcement of a mess of a thread for the first half of the thread and now we're seeing a very gentle push back with a dash of still being a mess.

    Let me be that guy.

    I don't want to see your medical scans. I don't need to be a med tech. The fact that this conversation has gone this long is concerning.

    The fact that all of y'all are participating with this instead of just shutting this down is just weird. And not good. I just read a whole page of pandering to this. Wtf people?
  • It serves two purposes. One, helping someone think through something can help them. A delusion can be broken unless a person is unwilling to remain reasonable. Faulty beliefs aren't unusual. Helping a person who is simply lacks the knowledge to debug their thought process is helpful. Once the supposition becomes previously unknown technologies etc.. reason no longer becomes a factor. Second, it serve as a thought exercise which is also totally acceptable.
    This can go three ways. It's incredibly unlikely, but maybe the guy does have something going on that isn't merely psychiatric. Or it is psychiatric and he'll continue down that rabbit hole no matter the evidence. Or perhaps he'll go through the suggested actions and find that what he believes isn't reasonable and look for help. Not a single one of these ends harms the boards or the community and two of them are beneficial. Now what positive comes from being an ashole?
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    Let me just chime in with this: even assuming a non-ferrous, extremely small implant, current MRI technology would pick it up.  Back in 2005 Illinois Institute of Technology was finalizing the tech, (which I believe is still currently in use).  They map the brain by watching the flow of water molecules. Anything capable of receiving signals would be large enough to show up. 
  • I feel myself that education is always valued.

    Do we have the knowlege and resources (or at least understanding of the resources needed, and how to acquire) to understand and validate/disprove the problem? Looks like it. :o

    Did I learn things myself? You bet. :3

    We all remember that thread about human traffickers chipping people, apparently? Well, we have a little more in regards to resources about 'What if I have been surgically raped with technology' now. ^^'

    But no, this isn't the most relevant topic ever. At the same time, arresting and criminalizing drug addicts is kinda proven to be counterproductive. Nether is dismissing a possible mental imbalance as simply crazy. Let's show them that it just doesn't work that way, or catch something fucking weird and unheard of trying, and pick up more knowledge along the way. ^^

    Don't need to participate if you don't wish to, we know you have cool projects too, Glims. I kinda love seeing the cool shit everyone is making. *0*
  • zerbula thank you could you provide the link for information about the human trafficker chipping people - i have here a european internat criminal network with huge resources having not only chipped and testing me continously - thanks
  • countseven have you ever seen a mri of the head, I did them and it is really not easy to exactly define especially if you dont know which material you are searching for and if it appears white or black on the mri as well there are mainly vague unclear dark spots and these are artefacts possible exactly those which are created if you have metal like material scanned with mri - you cant see it precisely. x ray does is not suitable when it comes to material with a lower radiopacity than the rays..
    how would you else explain hearing nonstop in one ear some kind of audioregistration that uses different records and voices , on the other ear the same but a different acoustic and thirdly something getting sensed into feels like middle of head which is even clearer to perceive. this is definitely nothing related to my organism solely especially when it comes to information they have i have even not known i had 
  • @cyb I'm saying this as a possibility to seriously consider;

    - Do not ever discount the ability for the subconscious mind to do things the conscious mind does not comprehend, or like. Humans know a lot more than they consciously know off the top of their head.

    - The situations you are describing are still easily within the realm of being organic and self-based. I think that, as a technician myself, the best course of action is to always completely evaluate and diagnose issues fully before proceeding.

    I am not saying it's one or the other, between a mental inflicted situation or a forced technology situation; I'm only trying to help you, I don't like people being in pain in any capacity that is avoidable. ;_;

    To stress the point though, you do yourself a disservice by discarding or ignoring a possibility that honestly is probably more likely. X_X

    Please don't confuse my saying of 'more likely' to be a discounting of your situation. I do not know. I'm not omnipresent... >~< BUT! I do know that everything you have described still much more typically and easily falls into this possibly not being what you think it is. Would very much suggest exploring approaching this in a method that diagnoses the problem.

    Did isolation from all electromagnetic spectrum remove your sensations? You should isolate yourself in a unquestionably shielded area for a long period of time; if it produces no improvement, it's a red flag that it may not be technological in nature. ^^

    Technology still follows finite rules and principles that can be used to understand it. As an example... Electricity from 110v AC (wall outlet) can kill no problem, but you still have to bridge the circuit. If you don't, it is much less dangerous. ^^
  • Pointing it out doesn't provide the kind of help that is really necessary, but this is essentially a version of delusions of parasitosis. The condition is one of the most tragic I've encountered studying psych and working in the ER, but I second something cassox said; the best next step is meeting with a therapist to discuss it further. I know it's the last thing you want to hear, but it's worth giving a shot. Give it a try with an open mind and I think the situation will resolve, it can't do any harm. This really takes a different approach, but I wish knew how to do more to help. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything.

    Ps. Etes-vous francais? J'ai vu que vous avez ecrivé chiurgien au lieu de surgeon.
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