Junior in highschool thats always been fascinated with the idea of bionics and cybernetics, from the tech priests of Warhammer 40k, to Riggers from Shadowrun.


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  • Ah my mistake. That sounds much more likely. I just find it an interesing scenario since magnets didn't react as were thought with MRI machines, so I was just curious. Thank you for the response
  • Correct me if i'm wrong, but the slant to me seems like it would make it a lot easier to inject if you're doing it on your own. having a straight injector would force you to contort your hand into a quite uncomfortable position to keep the tip in the right place.
  • Im a strong liberal transhumanist, but obviously we shouldnt turn this into a fiery argument about politics and ideologies. I definitely think both candidates' religious beliefs and backgrounds make it hard to say either of them would support the movement. But (and this is probably my democrat bias) i think hillary would…
  • What happened to OP? Did something happen or did you decide you didn't want to share it?
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  • This looks amazing, thanks for all the hard work! I imagine if it works as expected when implanted it could really help with a bunch of projects. Is it passive like an NFC? Has it been tested with implantation? And what sort of things can be programmed/attached to it?
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  • I doubt you'll find yourselves in "Mormonville" Utah but if you do I'm willing to meet up and give my experiences with the grinder movement.
  • @Benbeezy, what would you reccomend for magnet size? Preferably as little skin bulge as possible, but still very strong.
  • @Jupiter do you mean being developed by the community? or just researched in general. If its the latter i can give quite a few examples of new charging and battery tech being developed, but mostly in University labs by experts.
  • im a fan of the darker colors, definitely better especially if your on your phone at night. only thing i can suggest, and its nit picky, but id say making the initial format be the categories of the different discussions just so youre not assaulted by all of this information you might not know what its is if youre newer to…
  • I had been looking at that, it looks amazing. Im really hoping to be able to afford that soon, i feel it would help in alot of ways.
  • That could definitely work. Obviously I'm newer to the biohack forum and I definitely don't want to come off like the kid begging to be a mod, but if it is decided that a wiki page would be added for that, I'm more than happy to help fill it up or even make it.
  • I'm definitely on board with that. We should definitely stop it from turning into something other than development, but having suggestions for how to get more involved would help I believe.
  • @alexsmith I know that the test magnets have been sent out, and more than likely implanted, but what are test details? How long do they need to be in the testers for them to be considered safe?
  • Hot damn, that really couldn't have been stated better.
  • Those are some good sites, havent checked out sparkfun so ill have to look into that. Thanks for the suggestions, what do you think about having a small category of just different ways and tutorials for people to learn new things?
  • Yeah, I think with further experimentation and design it could be much better. but do you think that at least a rudimentary level generator like this is possible with this community? Or is that something that would need multiple expert level engineers to make.
  • Yeah definitely stop this from becoming a site for doomsday and conspiracy theorists. I think the way things have been going are a good way to handle it all.
  • I mean I'm sure quite a few people have thoughts like this, and with media and basically everyone else warning of the "cyberpocalypse" I feel that while yes it is a silly thought especially compared to other things, 65 is say it's worth it to help other people see new opinions and ideas. But that's my 2cents
  • Obviously a bit far off, but this tech could solve basically every single power problem.
  • If I can recommend something, and I totally get that it's still a work in progress, but some of the buttons on Mobile are very dark with pretty dim colors and which makes it hard to read. Haven't been on the site on my laptop. It I will tonight. Very impressed with the work so far however. Will we have to sign up for that…
  • @BirdMachine thank you so much for the work you're doing, it's already looking to be fantastic. If you need any technical support I Ann willing to help with anything you might need. Just one question, will members be able to add their location, creating a database of members locations so meet ups are easier and can happen…
  • How much did the parylene coated magnets cost? And do you have a place you like to get it from? Looking to get some cheap ones to do some experiments with
  • Alright that's good to know. I planned on doing tests on them, but is there any place generally considered a no-no or is it all good as long a son tests show good results?
  • I've long held the opinion that we should focus on building prosthetics that can exceed the human body. @BoboTheEpic raises a good point, and many bioethicists share that view point. But in that same thinking, didn't the advent of computers and phones have that same effect? The rich were able to get more advanced tech…
  • Being able to go to a projects page would be great, I'm sure there's some projects that could have been great but never happened due to lack of visibility on the forum. @Birdhandz Im half decent at Python and am starting to learn other languages like arduino, as well as taking an electronics class. I'm not sure if I could…
  • A new mobile interface would be pretty nice to have, it sounds like most people access the site on their phones.
  • Engineering department makes sense, but damn, that's a lot! Awesome to know there's an experienced implanted closeby. I live just a couple blocks east of emigration market on 13th south if you know where that is. What implants do you have personally have?
  • Definitely interested in getting a magnet, so if you could add me to your list id deeply appreciate it. Out of curiosity, how are others getting their magnets? i've heard some say they've gotten it from other users and some say they've even gotten it from Ebay. Should i wait till the manufacturing problems are fixed or are…
  • Great to meet you! i was disparaged thinking that the huge mormon culture would stop most anybody from wanting to get involved in the movement, but its nice to know at least one person from the same area.