Blocking Blue Light

Pretty dim question but genuinely interested in peoples results with blocking blue light at night to help fall asleep. I have noticed some results but may be placebo..

any responses welcome..


  • Some cheaper alternatives too. Qay and some other ones seem insanely expensive. found these

  • There are even safety goggles on Amazon for a buck or so that work great.
  • ahh good call

  • they are hideous but guess it doesn't really matter at night

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    I've been using either Flux (3rd party), Night Light (Windows native function), or Night Light (Android native function) pretty much religiously for the past six months at work. I spend 12 hrs in front of 8 screens of various sizes and brightness. When I forget to turn them on I get a ripping headache an hour or so into my shift. Since I enabled Night Light on my phone, I've felt like I am having an easier time going to bed. Of course just not being on my phone would be much better...

    On top of the software solutions I'm using a pair of cheap ($45) non prescription glasses from EyeBuyDirect with a blue light filter coating. Your mileage may vary depending on the coating, but I've found this to be at worst a decent placebo and at best useful in reducing eyestrain and insomnia.

    Ultimately the best bet is to keep light out of the sleeping area, but if you're like me, even a placebo effect is a welcome boon when it comes to getting a good night's sleep.
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