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    Not a whole lot has happened since the last update. A few more failed, but I've still got a decent number that show no signs of failure after ~48 hours of soaking.

    I will definitely be implanting one or possibly two as soon as I can get a friend to give me a hand (uh... no pun intended, I'll be implanting in myself, just want someone to help hold things).

    I think I'll implant in my forearm, it's much easier and since I'll be taking it out in a few weeks there doesn't seem like a lot of point implanting in a fingertip. 
  • I'm pretty positive that I've asked this before, but what was the pricing going to look like?
  • Loving the progress. ^^ :D
  • What are the specs on these?

    I'm curious to know what type of coating?

    n52, i assume?
  • Just implanted one to test in vivo. Used a standard 2mm RFID needle to make a hole about 6mm long. First pic is from just after removing the needle:


    Then tried to force the magnet into the hole by hand, but it didn't want to go in:

    Then we used the plunger from the rfid injector to push it in, once it was inside the hole I used another magnet to pull it as deep as possible:

    There was a small amount of pain then sicking the needle in, but no pain at all when playing around trying to get the magnet in, now it's been about an hour and there is a slight dull ache, but nothing bad.

    Now we just have to wait and see how it heals.

    Avio  I had estimates before, but I'm not sure now, what seems like a reasonable price?

    mmuyskens  The magnets in the pics all only have a TiN coating, nothing else, the one I just implanted is also TiN coated, but has a nickel base layer. 
    Yes, strength  is n52.
  • Nice job. I'd suggest we keep the pricing around $50 for full install kits, and maybe a little less for those wanting magnet only. Not like there is much competition currently to slash prices lower. This will probably be the pricing I follow with the batch I'm getting.
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    I've got a microscope I use at work with a lot higher magnification, around 10x more I'd estimate. If you wanted some higher res/zoom photos I could take some for you. I can also take measurements, width and depth with around 2 micron accuracy. Might be useful to measure coating thickness on the failed ones. I suppose I could measure it on the good ones too by comparing to an un-coated magnet. If you are interested let me know.
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    The wound is healing nicely and I've stopped covering it. Slight pain if I bump/press on the location of the magnet, but otherwise I can't feel it. No magnetic sensations, but that is expected since there are far fewer nerves in the arm. Unless it starts to look unhappy I'll leave it in for 30 days, then remove it and check it under the microscope. so from here on out, no news is good news.

    mmuyskens  what would a full install kit include? the ones's I'm currently selling cost only slightly less than $50 to make, I'm not sure I can include a magnet and still come out ahead (partly because my prices include shipping).

    eggit that would be really cool. I'm not sure there is anything to be learned from comparing failed vs not failed, because if the coating fails it starts at a single tiny hole in the coating and spreads outward, I don't think it's an issue with overall thickness. Still it would be very cool to see very high zoom pics. Lets wait until the current testing is done, if they hold up ok I'll send you one to take pics of.
  • By kits - I was thinking minimal. like chloraprep and a happy face bandaid.
  • Oh, yeah, that's more feasible, I was envisioning full on implant knits with medical tweezers, scalpels etc.
  • If you offered a kit which included the magnet, scalpel, and everything, I would be happy to pay extra! : )
  • that be cool as well - but obviously at a higher price point.
  • Perhaps that could be a separate thing for people who don't have the equipment.
  • I would pay more for everything in one. Heck if one even came with lido I'd pay even more. I hate piecemealing things together.

    I still don't know anyone in my state that can do it for me so obviously I'm still waiting till I can track that down. My absolute last resort is going north to where I know I can get one done.
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    Updated the first post! Sorry, I haven't been around too much lately. Also, the character limit is still fighting me for some reason, and it seems to be pretty inconsistent
  • Meanderpaul - Where you located?
  • Massachusetts
  • AlexSmith I'm not sure what info would really be gained either, unless the increased magnifications highlights a failure point like a scratch or something. Anyways the offer is out there, and I guess for anyone else that might want something inspected. Here is a pic taken with the scope for reference.


    The resolution should be higher. I didn't have a flash drive with me and I think e-mailing it to myself compressed it. Anyways, the vertical lines are measuring .1mm or 100 microns on our calibration scale. To give you a sense of the detail it shows, those diagonal lines are the grain in the smooth piece of glass covering the scale. We may have a higher power lens for it too, but we never use it and I couldn't find it.
  • I can't tell how this signing up thing works but put me on the waiting list.  I assume these could be bought long before the actual implant if they are not damaged before that happens.  I'm still playing around gluing magnets to my fingers but want to eventually implant one.  Just not immediately (or even quickly) after receiving it.
  • @AlexSmith , could you add me to the list aswell ? :) :)
  • Could you add me to the list please
  • Added. yeah, as long as you don't damage the coating you can keep the magnet indefinitely before implanting. 

    eggit if the current testing goes well, I'll send you to take close up pics of near the end of the month.

    Nothing new to report really. It's been implanted for 6 days now. the bruising has mostly faded. I was worried it had got infected a couple of days ago because one side of the wound (the side opposite the magnet) was very red, but that's fading too now, so looks like it's fine. no sign of rejection and the magnet is not migrating.

  • @AlexSmith could you add me to list as well. i want to try injecting the magnet via syringe 
  • Are you waiting on the cylinders until you find out if the supplier is reliable for coatings?
  • lolsmcfee  added.

    Meanderpaul  yes, waiting until the disks are proven safe before ordering cylinders.
  • awesome! i cant wait for these to be available. iv been on the bench for a little while about getting a magnet cause of all the concerns i had.
  • Hello not a very vocal member but been following for a about a year. I know I'm a bit late but I just wanted to ask to be added to the list. As well as offer my self for testing if need be. Happily pay for one.

    Good job all round guys
  • As long as the kit comes with chloroprep, that's all I would really need. I could buy the scalpels and anything else separate. As for the pricing, as soon as you decide on a price and the details for what that price will cover, let me know. I will definitely be buying one if there are any available for me, so I gotta know as soon as possible how much I'll be sinking into it.

    Super excited to see how far these have come.
  • @ Avio  I think the price is going to be around $50 judging by a comment back on page two of this thread.

    Looking at one of the ebay (non coated) magnets I got for about 25 cents, 50 bucks is a lot of money to pay for something that tiny but I don't want to experiment with DIY coatings.  The cheap magnets do seem to work just gluing them to my finger to get an idea of what a real implant might be like.
  • $50, hmm. Yeah, that would work for me. Still waiting to see what that actually includes, however. I definitely want the chloroprep.

    By the way, and this is a bit off topic so I apologize, @Birdhandz I love that name. 'Avio' is from avian, because I love birds.
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