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I'm very confused here. 
What are all the numbers on the RFID chips, what do the chips themselves do, etc.?
What the heck is a bottlenose?

Does no one here practice?
I can feel electro-magnetic currents without needing a magnet in my hand. If I obtain one, will it make my current abilities better? Being around powerful electronics causes physical pain in me after a short while. Will a magnet increase this, or decrease it? (I am overly sensitive to electricity as it is, my phone causes my leg to burn in my pocket even.)

I'm not sure if anyone realizes this, but you all make it really sound really appealing to start filling my body with foreign materials. 
You guys do understand this is the prophecy crap the crazies have been warning us about all these years? When average, sane people starting implanting themselves for all sorts of various, jacked up reasons? As screwy as this whole thing is, your fancy site and high-talk speak volumes, and slightly discourage my faith in humanity. Nonetheless, I am intrigued.


  • Who has access to the digital information and capabilities of the RFID chips?
    If they can be accessed wirelessly, they can be accessed by anyone. The only matter is a knowledge of how and the possession of tools needed.
  • Good news! Almost all of the questions you've asked can be found with a search across this vast hivemind of information called the internet :) especially when it comes to RFID chip technology, which has really grown in popularity a lot over the past few years thanks to ongoing adoption in phones. DDG brings up a lot of good results explaining how it works, what it's used for, etc.

    As far as I know nobody here has a history of severe sensitivity to electronics. If you can measure this and document it somewhere, it'll be much easier to find the answers to your more personal questions.
  • I don't think any prophecies relate to biohacking/grinding in general. No one is being forced to have implants. If you're referring to the "Mark of the Beast", all people, regardless of status, age, or race, will be forced to have a mark on the right hand or forehead. The funny thing is, that the mark of the beast and that entire book of Revelations can be interpreted too many ways. Know one knows if its referring to a supernational currency, a supernatural tattoo, or maybe even something completely different. Leave the prophecies with god and shape your future.
  • Aye. As devote man myself, surrounded by a very "traditional" and old-fashioned community, I've had to deal with questions and such about that whole prophecy business, but I've yet to encounter something that conflicted with the beliefs my faith puts forth. In regards to the issue, short of spelling out everything I believe in a large essay, the best advice I can give you is to really examine the issue in the scriptures (You'll find it showing up in places other than Revelations. Daniel is another good place to start), get a lot of different opinions from a lot of different communities, and then make a decision. 
    "Know what you believe and why you believe it."

    In regards to RFID chips, the "numbers" written to an RFID chip, likely 1's and 0's, basically store whatever data has been written to the chip in a format that a computer/RFID reader understands. The chips, in short, take data passed via a coil and store it in an integrated circuit design for memory storage. Just electrons hopping around in silicon crystals. Nothing supernatural. 

    A bottlenose is a device that converts data from a sensor into electromagnetic pulses capable of being sensed with a magnet implant. 

    Your sensitivity to electronics isn't unheard of. I recall reading something about a "condition" called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity(EHS) awhile back, however, it's not an officially accepted diagnosis, nor is it entirely clear what causes it. Apparently, the symptoms often overlapped with pre-existing medical conditions in study participants. As far as your phone goes, there are a number of reasons why that could be triggering burning sensations, but I'll have to do some more research before I say anything. 

    A magnet implant won't likely enhance this pre-existing condition/ability, because it works on an entirely different principal. Magnet implants work by manually stimulating the mechanoreceptors (pressure-sensitive nerves) in your fingers/implant site. The same way you percieve keys on your keyboard. The difference is that magnetic fields, which are otherwise invisible and undetectable to human beings, are able to interact with the implant, an extremely strong magnetic material, to a degree that we're able to percieve it with our sense of touch. 

    Man once said we'd never go to the moon, fly, or harness electricity, but we have. Striving to advance society is a duty that all people share. Biohacking is just our way of doing it.
  • Ah TheGreyKnight, I didn't expect to find a man of faith here in a grinder community. While we might not share all the same beliefs, I'm happy that this is a diverse community. If you don't mind me asking, what is your stance on the concept is that the human body is the "temple" (metaphor) of God in regards to body modification, tattoos and more specifically implants?
  • You'll find that there a quite a few people with a bit of that in them around here. Can't get away from it... Not me mind you, but I'm amicable.

    Don't we paint our churches, hang them with flowers, cover them in candles? Change them from the stone boxes they are into something more....?  I mean, if it was the house of (a) god when it's built, does it lessen when we enter it to pray ;)  I figure the same goes for us.
  • In regards to that particular issue, it is my opinion that as long as we don't knowingly and willingly cause meaningful harm to our bodies, something that responsible, well thought out biohacking/body modding can prevent, We're simply changing the architecture a little bit, so to speak. It goes beyond that, but I could be here all day writing on the subject. It's also important to keep in mind how body modification and biohacking yourself can affect the way you share the gospel with others (for example, those who are totally against all forms of body modification, from earrings to RFIDS, likely won't recieve anything you have to say very well). If your implants help you in the course of your duties in the faith, huzzah to that. I know some guys covered in tattoos who ride around on Harley-Davidsons
    bringing the gospel to the local gangs, so there is precedent for people with
    mods using them to further their faith in a practical way. That said, in short,
    the answers to these 2 questions should define your decision:  One, Are you being careless with the only
    physical body you’ve been given (Carelessness is something you have to define
    on your own, to some extent.)? Two, does the will of God line up with the
    decision you’ve made (This does not necessarily coincide with what the people
    in your congregation/peer group say. Christ said a lot of things that went
    against the established religion of the region in his day).

    Well said @glims.
  • on the topic of religion i can recommend this one suits almost everyone's taste (literally).

    About sensing electromagnetic fields without additional tools. Most of those phenomena boil down to nocebo. Or in other words, one feels them cause one knows it's there and you want to feel it. It's a real sensation but not triggered by sensory input but made up by the brain itself. Try blinded experiments to figure out how much you really get from sensory input. I highly recommend it since the human body is known to have no sensory for electromagnetic fields ranging in the strength of machinery or mobile phones. Most of the time it boils down to detect heat (medium or radiation), moving air (or vibrations in general), etc.
  • I am not a devotee myself. 
    It was just a matter of my reading, that one general conspiracy theory telling of the Mark was in how our race would willingly and purposefully implant themselves. It wouldn't be anyone forcing them to do it.
    I am one who questions everything, especially my conception of God. I do not belong in a conversation with those who follow religion.

    And yes, other dude who posted, I can go search the internet for hours, but why did I sign up to a private forum on biohacking, wait two days, and post here just to do my own research? There are people here who are self-proclaimed experts on their field of study, and when I post asking for specific help, most would assume it would be offered. I know how to do internet research, don't belittle me.

    And to the last person who posted, obviously you do not Practice, so we shan't have the conversation you're trying to have. Thank you.
  • Let's see how quickly I can do this.

    I believe the suggestion was that for info on basic rfid specs. The web is actually a good resource. A link was given. We're more about taking the toys and doing things with them.

    This forum is not private. Anyone can read this. Posting requires a login. That's standard. You can find this conversation by even typing in your user name. 3rd link down on google....

    You brought up religion, so don't get surprised when people talk religion.

    It's species, not race, if you're talking about humanity.

    You're using practice capitalized, without any definition. Care to define before you get all snooty to someone you've never met ?

  • Practice, as in a practicing physician? Or Practice, as in a magick practicioner (yes I spelled it that way on purpose, to make it clear I wasn't referring to sleight of hand tricks)? Or something entirely different?
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    It's also not very polite to lead off with a very antagonistic post and respond in a very condescending manner to people who have been nothing but cordial.

    All of your questions are very, very basic. Any simple research into RFIDs will teach you everything you wanted to know. That being said I'll answer your questions.

    • What are all the numbers on the RFID chips,
    The numbers stored on the chip are the payload. The value on the chip is unique to the chip and acts as an ID. The more common chips are 32 bits, which allows 2^32 (4,294,967,296) IDs, and the more sophisticated ones can hold more data and be reprogrammed to hold different data.
    •  what do the chips themselves do, etc.?
    The chips themselves respond to electromagnetic waves sent by a reader and reply with an identifying signal. Sort of like an echo. The large copper coil you see in pictures is the antenna that both harvests power and provides the output signal. 
    • What the heck is a bottlenose?
    A bottlenose is a device that you wear on your hand that uses data from a distance sensor to provide a feedback on how far you are from whatever it's pointed at. It's been researched very thoroughly in different forms as an aid for impaired vision.
    • Who has access to the digital information and capabilities of the RFID chips?
    Anyone that you let get within 1-5cm of your implanted chip with a reader. Before you start freaking out about people stealing your data, which is theoretically possible, I will remind you that nearly every modern credit card, US passports and some bus passes have been using this tech for upwards of 5 years.  
    • your fancy site and high-talk speak volumes, and slightly discourage my faith in humanity
    I'm glad to see that just because you haven't taken the time to research the topic before joining a very basic forum dedicated for people who know what they're talking about, you feel the need to act like the people here are exclusionary and elitist, when I've found them to be nothing of the sort.
  • i missed that bit. we have a fancy site? dammit guys! you've been hiding this from me!

    no seriously tho. get excited. don't let our bit o' snark put you off. we're nice enough folk. we just respond poorly to religion and politics, like everyone else at a dinner party.
  • Its fancy by comparison to the cultist and anti-vaccer sites he is used to frequenting? :p

    As regards practice, we do not have native sensation to EM fields, unless you perhaps are a mutant.  A magnet gives you that sense, and 'practicing' with it will increase your sensitivity.
  • My questions have been answered.
    Thank you for your misconceptions.
  • Oh, yes, and while it's true most forums are just the same as this, not very many have a two-day wait period to be approved by an admin before actually joining. 
    There's literally no point to it.
  • Sorry about that. Usually its much faster. The admin's computer was in a moving van.
  • And, wait.. So you guys just implant yourselves with wireless usb drives? For the reason of?
  • You mean the rfids? That's an interesting way to put it....

    We're grinders. We put lots of interesting things in our bodies. Sometimes it's hardware, sometimes it's chemical.
  • An implanted RFID or NFC allows for easy wireless authentication with anything you're holding. You can unlock you phone by picking it up, unlock a door by using the doorknob, log into your computer with a swipe. It's actually one of the most practical hacks.

    I assume you have no beef with ear piercings? You know, the useless dangly pride jammed through an earlobe?

    At least an RFID does something.
  • ElectricFeel, you gave some good examples of use, but I'm curious.. How do you in specific use it (if you have an RFID implant)?
    And this question applies to other members here as well, who wish to answer.

    As a side note, the reason I came to this forum with so much animosity at the start was to test the community here, to a degree. It's unfortunate that you guys have actually proven to be nice bunch of people. I might stick around, and some of you will already be uncomfortable with that, looking back on my intro.
  • nah, we embrace people being difficult :D

    You can use the rfid for lots of things. Unlock your phone, your computer. Your house your car. I have a friend who uses it as a business card. Tap to the hand to transfer contact info when you meeting people.
  • I don't actually have an implant yet, but I've played around with tags.
  • @fstatusquo Here is my personal, specific use case. I have a 125KHz chip in my left hand and a basic USB reader, and I use it as a portion of my login password for my desktop at home. This is both convenient and slightly more secure than a simple password, as the password itself now consists of "something I know" and "something I have", effecting a sort of weak two-factor authentication. Below is a video I took of the process to show a friend. May 19, 04 31
  • That's pretty awesome zombiegristle. Love it.

    I currently only have one microchip, a 13.56MHz NFC chip that is implanted between my shoulder blades, (yes, like a dog). I originally used mine to store contact info on, and to unlock my phone. Now that I am hoping to get a chip in my hand, I have repurposed the old chip. 

    I've always been a little paranoid about what would happen if i accidentally lost certain files, so I thought of a way to save them. I put all my most important internet passwords, financial info, etc on a password protected microSD card. Then I weatherproofed it, hid it inside a zippo lighter, and buried it out in the woods several miles from my house. 

    The GPS coordinates of the microSD card's location and the password to open the card are written on my microchip. Yes, I know it is not a failsafe system, but even in it's flawed state the information is safer that it would be on my computer at home.

    Now I am looking into getting a rewritable 125KHz tag in my right hand that I will use for unlocking and starting my car. I also plan to use it for entry into my apartment.

  • @zombiegristle That's a cute little trick, but rather pointless and very easily bypassed.

    @trybalwolf I definitely like this use a lot better. This is an actual practical use, although once again impractical for quick access or updating to the files. A work in progress.
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    trybalwolf  That sounds very Jason Bourne.
    can you imagine? someone finds you unconscious, the x-ray shows an odd implant between your shoulder blades. After a cut scene with people drinking coffee and being confused, they figure out it's an NFC chip, only to find a set of GPS coordinates on it. Upon diving to the location, they find an encrypted microSD card. 
  • And on the card is instructions for Nicholas Cage to origami the pages of the Gutenberg Bible into a weather vane that will lead him to Atlantis.
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    @fstatusquo I find that it is nearly impossible to have both ease of access, and a high level of security. Something, somewhere, has to give. 

     I would love if I could set up some way of wirelessly changing the information on my remote SD card, but that would be a weakness in the security of the system. I feel that although very hard to update, it is quite secure. One way I could improve this would be to place the coordinates on one chip, and the password on another.

    I have the microSD card itself protected with a 56 character password that contains letters of mixed case, numbers, and punctuation. I like to think it is secure.

  • @AlexSmith Thanks, I honestly didn't expect anyone to like my idea but rather to feel like it is over the top or too complicated. It's really neat that you guys actually are interested by it.

    I can definitely see it as part of a movie plot. Though perhaps the GPS coords reveal the location of a secret base and the code to get in is actually the DNA sequence of the user. Not overly secure per se, but a hell of a hassle to figure out.

    Sometimes it seems a system may not be "that" secure, but a high level of complexity can help make of for it.
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