• Toe-prints.... now there's a devious idea >:)
  • i'm estimating that we can raise nearly half the money between the 5 of us. Anyone else interested?

  • If we're planning to keep the printer owned by all of us then I will up my contribution to $60 USD and agree to pay for all shipping, materials and a small fee each time I'd like something printed.  This route we can pay the $600 with a dozen people and the operator doesn't have to incur any additional expenses.

    So yeah, count me in.
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    That is perfect, that is exactly the plan that we need.
    Could you please start a thread about this? I would, but I think it would fly farther if you threw it...

    be sure to mention that we can squeak into the beta testing and the wondrous things we can do with it.
  • I'd be up for chipping in, oh say, $50 for starters. Depending on how things go in the coming months, perhaps more. 
  • half way theeeerrre!
  • Hey Guys! 3d printer thread is live. Anyone who was going to support, find details there.
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    Toe prints?
    I want hand- and footprints that read "F*** DA POLICE" all over them xD

    Also, can someone explain why it has to be a peachy printer? Is a special filament used? Peachy is SLA, right?
  • it's cheap, it's precise, we got into the beta, it can do flexible prints

    pop on over to the other thread to read a bit more
  • Yes, but it has to be SL(A), right?
    Because if not, we really should have someone with a makerbot or RepRap around here.
  • Question: how does one scan for a 3d print? How are people going to get their prints, etc. to be printed? Way back in the day, I worked with some stereo lithography crap and learned a little AutoCAD... I'm sure none of it applies to this, but things like the "fuck the police" prints etc. seem far easier to do than replicating an existing print.

    I'd bet that Cyanoacrylate, and then silicone gel would made feasible mold to be shipped to be
  • Most 3d oprinters take CAD
  • Here's a slightly different idea. Aqueous solution of hydroxyapatite. Tattooed into the finger with the designated pattern. Tattoos on the face of the palm typically don't stay but if it was hydroxyapatite, maybe the skin would just grow around it and raise it. Albeit this presumably wouldn't remove your already existing print, just modify it.
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    most 3d printers take any stl or obj file. you can make something in google sketchup even. totally works.

    edit: and yes, printing something simple would be much easier. fingerprints would require some A game. it's also why resin printing would be the most ideal.

    @mitravelus - not a good idea. for all the reasons i normally cite.

  • Haha this is such a silly idea I might have to throw in.
  • I can give 100 but , wait me a little time (some problems recently, thats why I havent been posting) 
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    Frank  I DO NOT want my prints getting reproduced thousands of times, I mean do you think of the risks about this? I CAN give you my prints BUT my problem is that once something is on the Internet it cant be deleted. Im kind of afraid about the use that is going to be given to my prints. Point appart.  I found that cutting them on a Z shape can work, and when I get the chanse of reaching a lasser cutter again I will try it again :D I will get my prints erased at one time I dont know when but I would.

    I would like to have my prints on a QR form or have the prints of Barack Obama.

    glims If I decide (I will, trust me in that, im just being doubtful) to share my prints how I can send them? I mean how do I take them from my fingers to you? Putting my fingers on ink and then on a sheet of paper? Putting them on a scanner? 

    mitravelus Havent heard about that I will search it and tell you how it goes. 
  • Haha, no worries Jack. If you prefer we can use mine; my shit's already on file and I jump at every chance I get to fuck with some pigs.
  • Saal  No problem mate I will give mine I was the one who started this and I think that the right choice is using mines. Thanks btw dude :) 
  • @Jack_Sylvane Actually, think of it this way. Fingerprints are important for identification because they are unique to an individual. If people's fingerprints could be easily copied, and released to the public, this would have a similar outcome as you removing them. This all being said, at the beginning you better have some damn good proof that it's not only possible, but likely that someone replicated and used them. Either way, if this comes to fruition I will gladly release my prints on the net, the more noise on and offline the better.
  • continuing all further input in this thread to printer support thread

  • i take it back. this should be in the fingerprint thread...

    @mitravelus makes an excellent point. you can't obfuscate yourself, you can only create so much noise that no one can tell where you are. Like those shivs where everyone in the gang drips a little blood on the blade to fuck up dna readings....

    @Jack_Sylvane I am going to need the most stupidly high res prints possible. Duplicates to adjust for smudge error if you can. Pdfs are fine. I am going to need to make them into printer friendly models. To make the prints we want, they will probably look nothing like fingertips. This should be ok, it's all about the residue left. After initial prints, we need to test the particular pressure areas for various grips and then find the most crucial areas that need to be extra well defined to deal with material density and compression values. 

    As for how to get your prints, take a few weeks off from hashing them up so we can get something the most normalized. Then, I would assume that we should use something like what the cops use. So ink is fine. A gentle touch with a light side roll to each side for each digit. Consult someone you know has been incarcerated for the particular movement... 

    If you have access to it, graphite powder on the finger and then press firmly but without smudging on glass and then scanning the glass is what they are using now up here. it's more precise, but harder to do without the special toys.

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    hmmm....I found a lot of awesome prints online that might be fun to drop if I could make them high res..
  • wait, stop. can you enhance this?

  • Oh THAT would be awesome :)
  • I probably can using some image editing program. Here is another version that is higher res:
  • another fun one:
  • Ok guys I will put my prints on a sheet of paper later today I will try graphite and ink, then you can tell me wich one looks better and I will start the other finger prints. 

    BTW Wasnt John Dillinger the guy who also tried to erase his fingerprints with acid? 

    mentions all of the issues that we have discussed previously.

    @Director_X hmm, that's actually not half bad. I can work with that.
  • Where I can send my prints? I used different techniques to get the print of my index, I need someone who tells me if they are ok 
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