This is what the new magnets are going to look like: custom bionics



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    @Cassox said:
    I'll make a couple prototypes and test them. Assuming they test out ok, I'll sterilize it and send it to you.

    youll really do that? thats so awesome! thank you! the harnest would be so cool if its one of the ones you intend to make! <3 but I love all of these designs and youre putting your hard work into it so I am in no position to be picky, so please choose any you like! :)
    and feel free to play about with these in any future projects too if you like, would be great to know that I have contributed to your work somehow, so help yourself if you need designs! I'm clearly no pro but I am full of ideas :)

  • so heres the actual harnest, the shape I designed the magnet version of. as you can see, my version is based solely on the outline shape of this device, which I am happy with. I cant imagine it being very easy to make the entire thing look identical to the original, besides I think the simplicity of my design makes sense, as we wouldn't be able to see the finer details through the skin once implanted. so a simple disc of neodymium surrounded by three rectangles of neodymium will look pretty cool in my opinion

  • I wouldn't mind helping test one of these new magnet designs. Although I'd like to find a few alternative implant locations first. I rock climb frequently and while I haven't had any problems with the xNT in webbing between my index and thumb, I would like to avoid implants in my hands. The forearm seems easy enough to get too and would be a decent place to mount peripherals that use a magnet as an interface but I’d appreciate recommendations if someone else has a better place in mind.

  • Awesome. I hope to have some prototypes up.
  • Yeah, we are waiting for some info, this seems very interesting. I am willing to buy sth like this in the future.

  • Totally. I mean, let's be clear. The stuff im putting up here still isn't anywhere near good enough quality. These are prototypes. I'm still working on fabrication techniques.
    These use a glow pigment which is charged by the RFID light.
  • hey this may be a stupid question but do you use a vacum so you could get the air bubbles out

  • they do look amazing so far

  • Those look great! How's the range on the RFID LEDs? Would the implant need to be placed with the tag side against skin?
  • No. Actually if you're having problems with air bubbles in resin, try running a blow torch or heat gun over the top. Make sure your resin isn't actually in a flammable solvent first.
  • For these ones in particular, yes. You'd need to place these upside down. Even worse, these are LED flashers that were gifted to me. So they blink.. which likely isn't good enough for charging up the pigment. A better method would be to do a partial pour.. place the light with the coil close to the surface and they pour more resin.
    But, clearly it's all doable.
  • Something like this might work out a bit better. The LED could be placed on the bottom or side depending on which orientation charges the pigment the best.

  • Quick update. I tore open one of those NFC key-fobs, used a bit of acetone to persuade the coil out, and soldered an LED directly onto the pads of the NFC chip. The chip adds some extra functionality and I left it in the circuit because it converts the AC to DC, meaning that the LED won't blink like the nail lights you're using.

    I had the coil suspended 6mm above the chip and my phone was still able to power it, though I had to flip it around to get it work work with a PN532 V3.

  • Oh yeah. That would totally work. Id love to try it. I have a bunch of those exact coils/chips.
  • Hey @Cassox, would you have any problems with me running with the idea of the glow in the dark implant charged with imbedded LEDs? I'm not trying to steal anyone's ideas, just think it's a great concept that I'd like to explore.

  • No, by all means. Run with it. I'm sure you can make a much brighter unit. Also, those werent the best pigment.
  • So, since I have those coils.. where do I solder to?
  • Depends on what you're trying to do, but the pads of the NFC chip worked out well for me. If you want to solder to another part of the coil, you'll need to scrape off some of the enamel coating from the wire.

  • For the enamel coated copper wires, to remove the coating you just need to burn it off by submerging the wire in a bead of molten solder on the tip of the iron. It takes a second for the liquid solder to heat up the wire enough for it to enter the bead, but once it does, you can just run it along the length you need. Don't breath that vaporized eurethane, though. Scraping is a nightmare for the thinner gauges.
  • Awesome. The brighter led works great.
  • What resin are you using?

  • That's not resin. Thermoplastic.
  • Really like the idea of custom magnets. I want one shaped like a horseshoe(: What are some of the applications of a non-traditional polarity you mentioned?
  • You got any prototypes to test, or whatnot? If you can ship uk and the price is right I'm up for it.

  • Yes actually. But I'll post it later with some pics.
  • I like this idea quite a bit and am interested. Magnets in my fingertips just won't work for the foreseeable future - I'm far too rough on my hands from work, weight lifting, and I also practice bushcraft and firearm marksmanship in my free time. Needless to say there's really nothing you can coat the magnet with that's going to last. The resin coated magnets you shipped out somewhere around the beginning of 2018 did admirably but mine was subjected to too much abuse. The M31 I had prior failed from poor coating eroding and started to break down the magnet.

    Any ideas you've got for durability while also providing some level of sensing I'm open to. I miss having that sense and might even be willing to help development financially depending on what's still needed.

  • > @ChilliEye said:
    > You got any prototypes to test, or whatnot? If you can ship uk and the price is right I'm up for it.

    I'm on board with this as well. (Would need shipping to Germany, though.)
  • Well, I'm almost there. I'll tell you guys what I'm dealing with and maybe someone has a suggestion. Making hard and durable implants is pretty easy at this point. In fact I've started a new batch of 3mm x1mm. But now that we're working on larger things such as the Pegleg, the hardness is important. So this like acrylic and polycarbonate I've got down. But I'm trying to then coat over the harder plastic with a softer one.
    Yes, I know that silicone isnt a thermoplastic but I thought I might be able to shape it a bit with heat. Nope. Gotta wait on the injection molder. Things like HDPE works ok. I really like EVA plastic although I the biodegradability concerns me. I've read some works which ascribe it biocompatible.. but biocompatible and biodegradable usually don't hold hands. I've made a lot of prototypes but nothing I'd consider finished.
  • Well, a bit more work. I'll have some finished products in acrylic and TiN.. I have 10 of the 3mmx1mm and 10 of the 5mmx1.5mm. I'll also have some interesting custom units finished this week as well. I'm going to stay listing these on the Auglim site by the end of the week.
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