This is what the new magnets are going to look like: custom bionics

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Update: trial 2.
If you take a look at the new attached photo, it's getting far prettier. This one uses carbon fiber

So, there's something we've gotten wrong as a community. We've assumed that the best way to maximize sensation is by using a very small but very powerful magnet in the fingertip. There are a lot of cons to this approach. Fingers are painful, delicate, desirable to keep, and something we all inevitably smash St some point. Furthermore, 3mmx1mm magnets are nearly impossible to coat conformationally thin. There are many reasons that magnets coated in TiN alone fail. A number of us spent years trialing these magnets. Now, we have solved this. The answer is resins and plastics. Please, do not make any more batches of shitty TiN or titanium coated magnets. Seriously. I am going to teach you people how to do this shit at home cheaply and safely. But before I do, check out something better.

The image is a bit ackward. And these are obviously crappy prototypes, but my point is that we need to stop thinking of mass production and start thinking custom. By implanting magnets in the base of the hand, we get far more space to work with. The amount of sensation produced is related to the amount of tissue displaced. We can have multi magnet arrays engineered to move in specific ways. Also, the magnets are not standard axis. They've been polarized in specific ways.
What coating you ask? Well, I'm going to have a certain base coat on the magnets that I'm not going to give away yet. But they'll have color. There's an acrylic coat. And then there's a type of polyethylene. This is fantastically tough stuff.

What do I need? Well, it's damn close to Christmas. So it'll be a bit before I recover enough financial to make then final versions. Ughll. If people wanted to do a pre buy, we could buy it just seems like a pain in the ass. I need a 400ish 40 watt laser cutter. I need another 400 in supplies. Once, get the laser cutter dialed in though, we can talk design.
For those who have had me place an ear mag, do you remember the sound when I sutured? Like a guitar string? Ok, so one design I'm working.. I hope to stretch a very thin wire across a gap. Another wire, perpendicular to that one will have a magnet. The movement will play the string. May not work.. but this is the type of thing I want to do. One of them has an LED which lights from any RFID type reader right? Well, I overheated it. And they don't work well right on top of a magnet.. remember these are testers.. but with glow in the dark resin such as I used in the fire bug things? We could pass a small handheld battery over the thing and charge the resin. The firebugs are damn bright. You can see them in the daylight. But they only glow for a good 10 to 12 minutes after exposure to a bright light. Kind of lame. But if charging is as simple as passing a battery over it?

Ok.. so for those who may be thinking I don't know what I'm talking about.. I made the m31s, pellucids, blood diamonds, and manufacture those sold on cyberise up to him shutting down. Yes. I know how to make and test magnets. Anyone want to grind?


  • I really wanted to show the multipolar fields but I can't find my viewing film.
  • So here's the point. Maybe, we find a couple really awesome designs that become somewhat standard. Or maybe, designing your magnet implants will be something like building your lightsaber. Maybe it should be treated like art; I think it's definitely that. I mean shouldn't the way your implant moves and feels be personalized? So, that's where I'm going with this. I'm going to be making a series of pieces of art. They aren't going to be cheap shitty little things. But when you purchase it, you get it placed and a full after care kit.
  • I have access to laser cutters
    (CO2: 100W, 75W, 40W
    ytterbium fiber: 40W)

    I'd be willing to cut a bunch of sample pieces and ship them to you. Also willing to throw in some cash.
  • I'd be willing to pitch in, was planning on trying to get a magnet this coming year anyways.
  • Awesome. Btw, plastics aren't too hard to work with but if someone does do the diy version.. you need high purity plastic. Some stuff has as much filler and crap to alter it's flexibility as the listed plastic. Do your homework please. Just want to throw this out before someone coats something in a Coke bottle and implants it.
  • Satur9. I'll hit you on slack. Totally want your help.
  • Haruspex, you're on slack too. Ha. I didnt mean to skip over you.
  • The new one is much prettier.
  • That's a big fucker. What's the purpose of the four plastic tendrils on the sides? Are they intended to spread out vibrations, or are they some kind of sprue you haven't removed yet?
  • It's not terrible large. No sense of scale in the image. It's still prototyping. I was going to do something with them. It didn't work out.
  • If there's anything I can do to chip in then I'd be happy to.

  • Totally. I mean, I'm going to make some more prototypes.
  • Awesome, can't wait till we get to try them out.

  • I was wondering where your thing for the placement of these, back of hand, paln, knife edge. I'm definitely in just thinking if I could pull it off due to work activity.
  • Ok, so rather then realize here I'll throw a blog post up and link to it. I'll have more info tomorrow up.
  • Satur9, can you pm me? Id like to discuss the laser cutter stuff. What software should I start playing with?
  • I'll just message you on the Discord. PM capabilities on the site are meh
  • There's a discord now?

  • This is a fun trial. It's polycarbonate. I could drive over it with a truck and the still put it in and it'd fine. Lol. I'd use a thinner material for a real one though. The texture is the result of overheating one side.
  • Can you give us a penny for scale next time, or even better some magnet diameters.
  • Hey lads, in the new year, willing to pitch some of my hard earned dubloons as well, would love to try those out. So yeah, count me in.

  • @Cassox said:
    This is a fun trial. It's polycarbonate. I could drive over it with a truck and the still put it in and it'd fine. Lol. I'd use a thinner material for a real one though. The texture is the result of overheating one side.

    so cool looking! where exactly in the hand/body would this be implanted? so this is for an enhanced sensing capability right? sorry if i've misunderstood anything here, I'm new and still trying to get my bearings.

    how much do you think it would cost to buy? I am super interested in this!

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    btw I am willing to volunteer for testing these if need arises. :)

  • How are you planning on sealing the polycarbonate shells?
    Polycarb has a high melting point.
    Also I coated my magnet in PET that I got from a sprite bottle and it has lasted over a week now.

  • Id love to play with lasers for this and it's in the works. Basically, I can't get the level of detail id like right now. All I care about right now is getting the function to work. I'll explain when I do. I've had success thermoforming it. The PET thing.. be careful. Many plastics are full of other agents like plasticizers. And bottles are often a percent of recycled crap. What I've been doing is ordering plastics in different grades. The cheap shit I use for practice. Then I end up ordering virgin high grade stuff. It usually acts similarly to the good stuff.
  • because of the multiple magnets, does this mean that i can implant it anywhere on my hand and get sensation in EM fields etc? if so i was thinking the back of the hand? and i am guessing there will be an outline in the skin, in which case this can be quite cool looking.... OH! i have an idea! will be back very soon with a design idea! in the meanwhile, heres a pic of the way the implant gets positioned. i have large hulk hands (minus the green, but never say never lol) so try to picture it to scale.

  • wow thats fuzzy! sorry, thats the best lighting i had available :/ also, pardon the scruff, couldn't find a pencil eraser or sharpener anywhere. a lot of these designs are done assuming that with some careful precision, you can break, cut or etch the magnets into certain shapes. since you cant clearly see my handwriting i'll type it up here:

    1 the yin yang
    2 the lightning bolt (this is a collection of magnet shards)
    3 the hazard (it just reminds me of that symbol)
    4 the triquetra (if you've seen Charmed or have studied the occult or are familiar with celtic symbols, youll have an idea of what this is intended to resemble)
    5 the fidget spinner (
    6 the cookie A
    7 the cookie B (using shards)
    8 and 9 the triforce B and A (dont know how i numbered them backwards but i did lol. sorry!)
    10 the harnest (if you've seen the anime or manga Brynhildr In The Darkness, youll know what this is intended to resemble. also, the harnest IS a biohacking device in my opinion, being an implant for installing abilities into the person, that is SO biohacking if you ask me. i love that story and the lore and the fictional science of the story. i thoroughly reccomend the manga and anime, although the anime never reached the end of the story from the manga so dont expect a mind-blowing conclusion at the last episode. but still a cool story and lore. if you can handle the shameless fan service that is lol)

    anyhoo, do any of these designs look like they can be brought to life? i really want that harnest either on the back of my hand or maybe even on the nape of my neck where it is shown in the anime/manga if that sounds possible? hehe!

  • I could do any of those very easily.
  • I'll make a couple prototypes and test them. Assuming they test out ok, I'll sterilize it and send it to you.
  • How are the prototypes progressing? I know you've had a lot going on, but I really think you're onto something with this design approach so I'm excited to see if they work out the way you expect them.

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