*PREP: Splinting a Finger? and other questions...



  • @Rytcd V_v At least your body is going about self protection.

    The pain is real. Your slicing layers of skin apart, and nervous tissue apart... I have it happen every day with saw chain... And then it gets sprayed with acetone... I'll tell you from daily experience this can hurt a lot... But anyways, Especially since you are doing this to yourself of course your body is going to make it more difficult. I wouldn't be surprised if subconsciously your body was making it hurt more.

    Take really good care of that wound. What would suck even more would be getting an infection from such an attempt >~< That would be really a good sign of doing something wrong.

    Remember, for the trained best of the best, this incision should be taking seconds, not hours. If you spend a few minutes to get it perfect, so be it. It should be approximately 20 minutes or less for the entire procedure from start or surgery to end, because if you're using lidocaine and tourniquet, that's where you're going to start running in trouble with both of those. In any case, the longer it's open, the more infection can get in it and the more it's traumatized, the more it needs to heal.

    I'm opting for lidocaine simply to remove the immediate trauma response variable, doing things off hand is hard enough as it is. ^^ I'm not afraid to cut myself open, I will if I have a good reason to, such as this... if it's not necessary, why would I want to feel the pain? >~<
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    Thought I'd put a followup to my other post here. So I waited a week for the initial incision to heal up, which it did, quite nicely, then went at it again: same finger, same intended location, different incision spot. I tried to find and use injectable lidocaine, but was not able to do so without a prescription (not counting a $50 pain management kit from dangerous things, which seemed a bit silly when I had the rest of the stuff, which would have meant the lido cost 10x what it normally would). So I just used ice and teeth-gritting.

    Threw a single suture into it the next day, after the wound looked too gapped for my liking with just new-skin. After doing it, I feel very certain using only new-skin would have resulted in some substantial scarring, while it looks MUCH better with a single stitch. I probably would not do it again without lido (not sugarcoating, both cutting and stitching hurt quite a bit, and again took entirely too long for me to get through), but it's nice to know I can. If anyone knows a good source, please let me know, but until then, the procedure seems to have been successful a couple days later. It's all looking copacetic, which is exciting.

  • >~< I'm not sure how it's going to react.

    The primary reason we usually don't want to use a suture after the fact is because if its open the whole time it's open to infection...

    But getting it to seal even better if it was already could show larger benefits...

    >~< if you find yourself in this position again, would suggest just suturing straight away. Doing more and more research into it, I'm thinking I'm probably going to do both myself.
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