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  • i reread the "so you wanna put a magnet in your finger." thread and stumbled across something you said and you described rather well what i would like to accomplish with the cylinder other than id also like to see how it affected my 3d sense seeing as i will have two magnets on the two nerve lines in my hand magnetized…
  • some friends, three possibly a fourth and i intend on implanting a few magnets into our hands(i would also like one in each ear but that will be a future project). i know myself and one other want two and the rest one for now. seeing as i inspired their new interest in magnetic vision i am going to implant first. i really…
  • yeah sounds like i will definitely try to stay away from possible causes of tissue damage and go with the epi free. thank you guys so much for the help. when i make the final decision on the magnet and get those ordered ill be sure to video tape and post how things went. i have most everything i need except saline solution…
  • i may actually end up getting the m31 at the moment i guess im just exploring my options i've recently started looking into bar magnets as well. does anyone know if the size of the magnet cassox recommended would have a negative effect on sensitivity?
  • here is the link http://www.lidocainehclpowder.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=65
  • thanks for the recommendation those magnets look like a much better option. i would also like to know if anyone has experience with lido that has adrenaline in it. I think that it is supposed to help with bleeding however i don't know if that is safe in my finger. i know there is quite a bit on just lido here and elsewhere…
  • also seeing as these magnets are attached to a bandage what should i use to dissolve or remove any adhesive residue?
  • oh here is the linkhttp://www.westmedics.com/accu-band-9000-rec-magnets-gold-plated-12-per-pack-UPY10440G25MM12.html