After 2 years with no problems, I think my magnet implant is rejecting

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I have a small (forget exact dimensions) parylene-coated neodymium rod in my finger, which has been totally fine for 2 years, except that over the past several months it has, a 3 or 4 times, swollen up pretty badly (seemingly out of nowhere, but maybe I hit it and didn't notice) for a week or two and then gone back to normal. This latest time (starting about a week ago), however, after the swelling went down the magnet was pushed way out and now it seems like it's rejecting, and I'd love your guys' input.

The white stuff and bruising above the magnet was never there before, the skin was totally clear.

The finger aches a little, and occasionally I get sharp pains or tickling on the skin, but so far it feels not bad. When I press over the magnet (which totally hurts) it's quite soft, so there's still a significant layer of flesh between the magnet and the surface of my skin - it's not about to come out yet. But it seems like it's steadily heading there.

Should I...

1. Wait and see. Have anti-infection cream and band-aids ready if it breaks through the skin, and then just let it do its thing.
1a. If/when it starts really pressing against the (so far totally unbroken) skin, help it along: slice skin with a razor and/or pull magnet towards the surface with another magnet.
2. Go to a doctor now and have it taken out.

Your input would be appreciated!



  • The coating probably got scratched, I would wait to see what happens
  • It sounds like you coating has given up the ghost. That area looks really really unhappy. Have you lanced it? 

    Regardless,  it looks like that is coming out one way or another,
  • Yeah I guess that would make sense that the coating is shot, though I don't know how this would happen - no finger impact or injury, even mild, that I'm aware of. Maybe the spontaneous swelling (of unknown cause) did it, or maybe the swelling was caused by a coating problem.

    Either way, if the coating can get damaged through normal use over 2 years that's pretty disappointing. Ah well.

    @glims - what do you mean by lanced?
  • I'd remove it now. There's no reason to traumatize the area for longer than neccesary.
  • Your answer is in the coating man. Parylene coatings can be touchy. Even small issues in the surface will eventually breakdown or cause rejection in time.

    And I agree with Cass. Cut that baby out.
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