Grinder Meetup in Las Vegas

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Hi!  I'm new to the biohacking community and would welcome the opportunity to meet up with others in the Las Vegas area.  There is lots to learn using Google, but getting the opportunity to speak with another enthusiast would be a welcome opportunity.  If anyone lives here or is visiting let me know.


  • There will be a number of us there for bsides/blackhat/defcon. There is also going to be defcon biohacking village this year. so there will be a meet up happening then. come join us!
  • There's gonna be a biohack village?!?! Great googly moogly! Just booked my flight over yesterday :D Looking forward!
  • Hi @implant_in_me
    I'm currently residing in St. George, UT and I go to Vegas every now and then. Shoot me some contact info and I'll let you know when I'll be down next. It's always cool to meet up with Grinders.

    About Defcon...
    I have inquired with the people originally in charge of the biohacking village but I still haven't heard back from them. I don't know if it is happening or not. Has anyone else heard any recent confirmations?
  • How do you find out about the meet ups?
  • @Meanderpaul they are pretty much spontaneously started on the forum, just like the way it happened in this thread.
  • Would the community want something like a thing where events can be posted and announced? Or some kinda community calendar?
  • I think that would be cool. We might even be able to just host it on the forum. Maybe. I made a google map where people could tag their location if they wanted, but I don't think it ever got used by anyone but me.
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    Here is the web site and for those there, I'll giving a talk on/demoing cloning door access cards to the re-writable RFID implants.
  • your link had a comma stuck in it, fixed it.
  • Nice. I'll try to make it down for Friday night, Saturday & Sunday.
  • Hi, anyone at DEFCON want a free NFC or RFID chip? and is willing in taking part in a live implant demo?

    let me know ASAP
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    AlexSmith I'd be down to do it.

    DirectorX if your cool with it do you want to drive down together?
  • Benbeezy  great! what kind of chip do you want? Where do you want it? (probably best to keep it above the belt for a live demo...) and will you be able to be in Bally's on Saturday the 8th? (not sure on the exact time yet... )
  • I'd really dig a chip, too if you've got room for more :) been meaning to get my hands on a 125 kHz frequency chip. 
  • AlexSmith whatever you have an extra of, I was planning on getting both a nfc and rfid pretty soon anyways, so whatever you feel more comfortable with. I just want it in my hand. and yeah I was going to be in saint george that weekend anyways, so vegas is only a 2 hour drive.
  • Do any of you guys know if @AlexSmith will be the only "vendor" at defcon? I'm not allowed to get any implantables for another two years, but was hoping there might be some other cool stuff.
  • BirdMachine  looks like Benbeezy can't make it to DEFCON after all... want kind of chip do you want?
  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that's a shame! this one looks like it's the ideal frequency for what I'm looking for right now :) Most office buildings around here use that one.

    @rshtirmer there are SO many vendors and cool things going down :) maybe not all biohacking specific, but you will most def find cool stuff.
  • Wow, I just realized how poorly worded my question was. I meant to ask if he was going to be the only vendor at the biohacking village, but I guess I forgot to type that part.
  • I'm eager for this event to get here. Let's do a roll call. So far we have:
    Me + 1 civilian

    Anyone else?
  • actually, I think I'll start a new thread for this.
  • BirdMachine  that is an ideal choice, since it it the chip I will be focusing on in my talk, and because it it smaller, it will make the live implant demo easier. I assume you want it in a hand or arm? 

    See you next week.
  • Hand would be the easiest I think :) to use in everyday life at least.
    Next week? But it's sti-OHGOSHITSNEXTWEEK
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