Implanters in Houston area?

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So this will be my first implant. I bought the m31 [3mm x 1mm biomagnet] from dangerous things, it should be here in about a week. I want to do it in the space between my thumb and forefinger (idk if its called the Purlicue or the Cagina), but I'm terrified to do the incision myself. Does anyone know some places in the Houston area that would do it? I've tried asking around a bit but no luck so far, if I cant find anyone at all I have an EMT friend who says he might do it but hes not completely comfortable with it.


  • dont waste your time implanting in that site.  your fingertips are where you should put it to get sensation, that spot is where most people put rfid
  • You know, a lot of people are now getting magnets in their wrists and other regions of the hand now. From what I've heard, they are supposed to work pretty well. Can't vouch for it myself.
  • Any update on that knowledge on magnets in wrists @Cassox? Links to the subject would be nice, but not necessary.
  • @Monsterchizzitz. Try Mr. Pineapple in Austin. It's a few hrs ride from Houston, but well worth it. He did my magnet and I'm really pleased with the result. He sat me down, explained the process and the magnets. He did the procedure in like a minute. Had no issues after implant. Healed beautifully. He may not want to use a magnet you brought in though. I emailed with him prior to coming in, checking his stock and prices etc.
  • @Monsterchizzitz agree with @jonnyk I had Pineapple place mine. He was great. It's my second magnet and it's done much better than my first. It's been 6 days and it's almost entirely healed. He did an amazing job and I will never go to anyone else. 

    I drove in from Dallas to have it implanted. 
  • @caitlinm Did you supply the magnet or did you have to use one that the store provided?

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