Synthorg Simulations

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Hi everyone,
I'm interested in developing a control scheme for artificial organs and implants, based upon work with a modular synthetic organism (synthorg). So far, it's just some Arduino models with a simple controller to maintain homeostasis. I hope to eventually develop this into a life support system to allow for long term viability for an isolated brain. 


  • That's exciting. Are you in contact with the author? It looks like the basic idea from the Arduino models for maintaining homeostasis is just keeping everything within certain ranges for a given organism. I feel like the two major hurdles for this project are 1. Finding all nutrients/conditions/etc. required for a given organ and 2. Actually delivering these to the organ. For (1) an artificial implementation seems easy, you just catalog all the necessary conditions and keep them within certain ranges by whatever mechanism you wish, but I think (2) is where you will run into more trouble.  This paper looks like a start, and it references some others in which the body of a brain-dead pregnant woman was kept alive for 6-7 weeks to allow for delivery of the baby. My two cents.
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