Could multiple bottlenoses be used for hightened awareness

I would like to preface this by saying that i do not have any experience in programming or electronics or any of that. This is simply a concept that i think could expand off of the use of multiple bottlenose devices and could potentially prove not obly very helpful, but also exceedingly awesome.
- Mounting a bottlenose somewhere on the back could give more awareness of what is behind you.
- Multiple bottlenoses along with a northpaw or in the future the implanted "southpaw" compass could allow for advanced navigation abilities and some impressive party tricks :P
-I am personally most interested in the sensation of having these additions.

I feel that though some grinders dont like the idea of wearables because they are not implanted, but i think that a combination of implants and wearables will, at least for now, show the best results when it comes to sensory extension.


  • Also, i am wondering if a Nd magnet implant inbetween the scapulas (shoulderblades), most likely of a different shape and size than the finger tip implants, would be able to be felt enough to ineract with a back mounted bottlenose.
  • I saw something like this that used haptic feedback - it's a vest that has depth sensors attached to the motors, used mainly for the visually impaired, but I think we could definitely hack something similar together.

  • @meanderingman I do like the idea. But it is very bulky. Hopefully wed be able to make something that would be much much lighter and more comfortable to wear with everyday clothes. My first idea was simply to have one mounted with a sort of harness on the upper back and then two gloves. Id like to find a way to make the dorsal bottlenose to be less direct and more of a wide area of effect. And the additional north paw would be nice to have as well.
  • Not too long ago I made an Instructable for a neatly contained distance sensor. The program is super simple and it uses inexpensive parts which you can buy from China for a few dollars. The idea was anyone could order the parts and integrate them into a project, like a vest, without getting bogged down in the details of programming and construction.
    The 3D printer I used isn't necessary if you build your own enclosure. Once you get something working you can modify the project to use different power supplies, or electrodes instead of servo motors.
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    Cool @McStuff , thanks! Quick question about electrodes since im not very knowledgeable about them. Will they be able to properly stimulate nerves on, say the upper back, where nerves arent as packed in as the fingertips if it is placed on top of the skin instead of underneath? Id like this to be more based on nervous stimulation in the direct sense than with a vibrating motor. Ive heard some talk about implanted electrodes for the southpaw but if that could be avoided for a simple haptic like this that would make it more available.
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