M31 Rejection Collection Thread

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In light of the recent rejections of m31 magnets, for the sake of data collection and organization, could those who have had an M31 reject make note of the event on here, along with a short to medium length summary of the circumstances surrounding the failure?


  • Don't just chip in with a "me too!" please make sure to outline the instances in which you ended up having the magnet reject (set self on fire, crushed hand, etc). Getting this information in one place will be useful to others in terms of aftercare and what to avoid.
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    Sorry, just a question about rejection: If your body does reject the m31, can you just sanitize + put it back in after your finger has healed up, assuming the coating is still intact?
  • That should be ok. Unless it is damaged, you can clean it and implant it like any other piece of jewelry. Make sure you do a really really good job tho. And don't clean it so hard that you mess it up.
  • Also consider the cause of rejection, you may not want to try a second take using a compromised implant if there's a chance that's what caused the first rejection.
  • Totally. Did you crush, smash, or set fire to your magnet? If so, be very careful.
  • Really surprised we're not getting mroe posts in here considering how many people I've seen talk of their magnets rejecting (often with very cool pictures).

    FWIW, I haven't gotten around to implanting my two magnets yet, and at this point I'm holding off based on what seems to be an unusually high rejection rate (which may or may not have anything to do with the implants themselves).
  • I think it's probably user error, in conjunction with experimental implant methods. That's the trend I've seen so far.
  • Yeah, I think people tend to implant too shallow, like when the outline of the magnet is visible against the skin. I've got two of the much thicker Haworth magnets, and after each was implanted there was no visual indication of where the magnet was, whether 24h later or 2y later.
  • How deep should they be implanted?
  • First implant of M31 magnet into inside of ring finger, left hand 4th February 2015. I used PMK, incised, place magnet, applied one stitch and surgical super glue (I was concerned about germ penetration as I work with spare parts at a coal mine). I removed the stitches 4 days later. Wound healed well. 18/2/15 magnet appeared to be protruding from finger. 23/2/15 magnet was protruding through the skin. I do not recall any hand injury; I was swimming most days, spending 40-80per day in the pool which would have allowed for the skin to soften and wound site. I squeezed magnet out and inspected coating for damage. Re-inserted, cut/granulated entry point and re-stitched. Once stitch was removed the magnet literally popped out.

    Re-implanted M31 at same site on 18/03/15. I cut deeper, placed two stitches and applied spray skin (for moisture/germ protection). Wound heeled. On days were I spend a lot of time picking parts I place a piece of plaster over the magnet site to provide outward pressure and support.

    I am also wondering if taking anti-biotics has had a part in rejection; as I was on anti-biotics when first implant rejected and with second implant I was anti-biotics and magnet started to pronounce from the deep.
  • @D_Axel AFAIK there's only fat, nerves, blood vessels and the bone under the skin.  So I would suggest implanting it into the fat, around one to two millimetres below the skin. But keep in mind that every finger is different (in terms of how thick it is) and you shouldn't hit the digital nerve (yellow) nor the blood vessels (red) :
  • "Me too!" After about a month of non-healing (see bciuser's first implant for pictures and details), and continuous seeping of the implant area I decided to have my implant removed. No extreme stupidness to speak of, will try again when the area heals up.
  • Any further rejections?
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    I had an m31 reject from my pinky finger after about 4 months. At first it seemed to heal up nicely and was reasonably sensitive.  After about 2 months, it started to get more and more sore. I woke up one night around month 4 and the end of my finger looked like a ping-pong ball. I ordered some sterile scalpels and some got some Oxycontin. I took out the m31 the next day.

    It appeared to have had part of the coating worn off on one edge. I believe that is what caused the rejection.

    There was a small "pocket" of yellow puss around the magnet, but most of the swelling in the finger was just normal blood. The puss pocket seemed to have an extra thick layer of skin around it and was very hard to cut without just pushing it aside.
  • Any thoughts on how the coating was damaged? Did you use a metal implement when orienting the magnet in the pocket?
  • Also, do you have any pictures of the coating failure, and can you describe the pus, was it thick or thin? What colour was your swollen area? Blood in the area that isn't getting messed up from a coating failure sounds like mechanical trauma. Is there any other information you have?

    A coating failure ends with the magnet oxidizing and the resulting fail site usually gets a bit black from the oxidation. 
  • I got my m31 implanted on Jan 23, 2015 in my right ring finger and it rejected two months after that. It was done by a local piercer, with experience of implants. I believe he was very professional, personally never got anything pierced or tattooed for that matter. He walked me through all the steps and answered all my question, which was a big deal for me.

    Everything was cleaned to the point I felt I was at a doctors office. He iced my finger with a glove on, until it was numb. Ripped the glove off, cleaned it again, pierced it with a needle, checked it with a depth gauge. He didn't go far enough. He went over his piercing and rechecked the depth again. ( don't know how far he went. Would say about 10mm at a 45ish degree angle ) Then he pushed the magnet in, and used a bigger magnet to help get the m31 in has far as possible. Cleaned my figure again, and bandage it.

    I work has a commercial and industrial eletro-mechanic tech. With in a week I was able to feel; solenoids, transformers, my can opener at home and other coils too. But never a; laptop fan, microware or powerlines. With in a month after the installation my skin became thin and could see a pool of blood in my figure tip, and could feel the magnet floating in it. Or more precisely I could feel the magnet hit the walls of skin in my figure tip. and could even see the magnet through the transparent skin, when I held it above my head.

    At the six weeks point the pool went away and I couldn't feel anything magnetic. But I could move the magnet with pressure. I would push it down a couple times a day. I woke up at the two month mark and the m31 was poking out, waited a day trying to massage it back down, without any luck. The next day I went a head and removed it. It never bleed but puss did come out. I did have a huge hole in my figure about 12mm deep and 4mm at the widest. The m31 looks fine under a 25x magnifier.

    I do plan on getting it redone with a different m31 just to be on the safe side. I do have a tiny knot in my skin now but it looks fine, Is it a bad idea to get it in the same area??? And if not how long should I wait for it to heal? Probably going to get it in the same figure but opposing side but would like to get it in the same side.
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    10 mm is almost half an inch. A 45 degree angle would punch straight into your meat. Technically, half an inch at 45deg would have probably gone through your finger. It's ok, eyeing measurements can be a little difficult

    The fact that there was blood makes one thing that this was a mechanical or implant technique issue. If it was a straight up rejection or an infection, there would have been pus.

    Cassox can explain this better than I, but it sounds like you may have just been punched a little deep. The magnet is supposed to be interstitial, not embedded. 

    I would suggest using a new location. Your finger will need more time to heal.
  • OK so i'm very late to this, mostly because of a lack of  being up to date on the goings on in the forum ( my bad, and also is it just me or has the forum grown huge recently?) but i had an implant done in march at the first grindhack here's a link to the post : http://forum.biohack.me/discussion/842/for-cass.-pics-of-magnet-implant-finger-
     It became quickly evident that i was a dumbass. 
     so that's my rejection story
  • Sadly, didn't take notes/pics but as I recall...
    Back in Feb (2015), I got m1 implanted by local piercer who said she had done them before w/ few rejections. After two rounds of a piercing needle and repeated shoving of magnet she called it good and put a band-aid on it. My post-care instructions were basically "put some anti-bac on it tomorrow when you change the band-aid and treat it like a piercing". It started to heal, but got a pus-under-the-skin look a couple of days later. I lanced it and it was a thick light color (green?). Washed it with soap and water and then more anitbac/bandaid and waiting. The skin over the magnet site was white-ish and not healing up. Roughly a week later I could see the magnet peeking out. I texted piercer and was told that a tight band-aid might help. Tried that a couple days and then switched to a looser one, magnet came out while I was sleeping (still no idea where it is). 

    Rejection cause: Probably mix of how implant was done and bad post-care. 

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    Thought I might share my story for future implanters researching. I implanted 2 magnets around the 22nd, one in the index adjacent to the thumb, and one in the ring adjacent to the pinkie. The implants went pretty much the same except for my not suturing the ring finger because i tried and screwed up so many times. For a week I applied neosporin, steri-strips, and took some ibuprofen. Eventually I ran out of steri-strips and switched to band-aids and stopped taking ibuprofen. Around this time my hand started to dry up with skin flaking off in areas all over my hand. In late week 2 my ring finger started bulging out where the magnet is located, and the scab fell off. Right now it isn't fully out but it is still bulging considerably and i think the magnet will fall out in a week or so.

    UPDATE: My index and ring fingers still have obvious bumps on them, my ring more so. This is roughly 2 months post implant.
  • I also had two implanted on the 22nd, one of them was done by @cassox and the other one was done halfway by me (I fainted) and finished by cassox. The one done by cassox looks perfect, the one that was started by me is also going through something that sounds similar to what's going on to yours, though my skin just started flaking and coming off within the past few days and the bulging only started around then too. The site of the implant had always been slightly raised and it started bulging the morning after I stopped wearing the steri strips. I sent cassox some pictures and described what was going on and he isn't 100% positive its rejecting, he's hoping its still just healing, and recommended I keep icing it and take an 800mg dose of ibuprofen every 6 hours. I've also gone back to wearing steri strips (cassox made sure to tell me not to wear them if they're keeping in moisture, but so far its dry) because I noticed the constant pressure seemed to help. So its possible our magnets might still make it? Of course I don't know how much yours is bulging out, it might be much more than mine, do you have pictures of it?
  • Bumping this so we can continue collecting data on rejections and their causes in one spot. 
  • Implanted mine in my left thumb using the scalpel method and superglue to seal the wound immediately after procedure.

    Was healing nicely for about 2 weeks, then I bumped the area on a knife while opening my dishwasher, a few hours later the wound reopened but I kept dressing it (always using chlorhexidine + phenol cream and wrapping with a plaster and rinsing with sterile saline and iso alcohol before changing).

    It looked quite red for a few days and some of the skin came off but I kept the pressure on with the dressings in the hope it'd heal up but sadly it was pushed to the surface (actually poking up out of the wound) and I decided it was best to remove it.

    By taking care with the antiseptics I never had any signs of infection so i'm confident it wasn't a coating failure and have stored it in a bottle of iso alcohol to reimplant after healing.
  • Just to clarify by the way: it was a bread knife in the dishwasher, so it was just raw physical impact, no fresh cuts or other trauma just a big impact that kicked off the rejection process.
  • I had my tragus done by Cassox at Grindfest. I removed the suture on day 4 and was continuing to ice it and dose ibuprofen. I thought it was looking decent, but today I saw that the magnet had been pushed out and was exposed to air. It slid right out without resistance when I went to remove it.
  • So. It looks like my finger magnet of a year might about to start (or has already started) the rejection process. Implanted by Cassox at last year's grindfest, and has been completely fine since.

    It's always had a small bulge, since my skin's a little thin. There are some days it'll be sore, but that's few and far between. Once a month maybe?
    No direct trauma, though I do things like handbalancing and cyr wheel. So there is some physical activity going on around it.
    No heat, no redness, no visible swelling.
    I noticed yesterday however that the skin above has started to peel. Which seems to happen to every magnet that eventually pops out.

    I'll keep monitoring this. Silver lining? Good chance to maybe catch a majority of the rejection process in data and images.
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    @BirdMachine Any change?
  • I've sadly managed to lose my m31 (literally - as in I don't know where it is), this is doubly annoying as dangerousthings is out of stock.

    Should anyone have a spare that they'd be willing to sell get in touch.
  • @TheGreyKnight no change, actually. The first layer peal is just about done.... next layer hasn't broken yet though. False alarm maybe? Fingers crossed.

    Eep! No spare here :( Had one, but it too was lost to the void mid transit somewhere.
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