Surgically Implanted Improvised Explosive Devices

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Surgically Implanted Improvised Explosive Devices, also called SIIEDs or Body Cavity Bombs, are improvised explosive devices that are surgically implanted. (Wikipedia) I guess it goes under blackhat biohacking, since its purpose is illegal.

Little is known about this form of bomb making, outside the intelligence community. The most popular maker of these bombs is Ibrahim Hassan Tali al-Asiri, the primary bomb maker of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. (Office of the Spokesman)

He's managed doctors and trained others to surgically implant explosives. His most notorious volunteer was his brother, Abdullah Hassan al-Asiri. (Klaidman) In August 2009, Abdullah attempted to assassinate Prince Mohammed bin Nayef under the guise of reforming from terrorism and helping others do the same. Abdullah's body absorbed most of the blast and Prince Mohammed, the head of Saudi intelligence survived with minor injuries. (Klaidman) Since that near brush with death, Prince Mohammed increased his counter-terrorism efforts and procured a 15-20 document detailing surgical procedures for implanted explosives with help with UK and US intelligence. (Klaidman) This document details animal experiments for SIIEDs and plans to surgically implant explosives into females to make it appear as if they were pregnant. (Klaidman)

There are other articles on this. I just referenced Newsweek, because the author shared significant information already.

It's pretty wild that people with such sparse resources are designing sophisticated devices and methods to implant them. Almost motivates me to go harder and biohack better.

Why is this important? Well, it involves implants. It probably goes under blackhat biohacking.

What are its threats to national security? Well, it's hard to detect implants with the naked eye. I don't know if airport scanners are X-rays or not. If so, I would assume they can pick this up. Articles on this suggest otherwise.

Why am I interested? I served as a US soldier in Afghanistan for 2 years. My occupations were personnel and personal security. Personal security is always on my mind. In fact, I was drawn to biohacking by the desire to design implant(s) that could help me sense my blind spot(s). Namely, whatever happens to be behind me.

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  • Im confused about where you want to go with this? Do you want to build a way to detect implants (since I presume you're not suggesting we figure out how to implant explosives.....)? or are you just sharing?
  • Fact: If someone wants to blow you up, they'll do it. You can't do anything about it, except hoping no one is angry enough to do it.

    Guess in case of implanting something that'll kill you a few days/weeks later you don't have to worry about things like long term health effects. Which means you can basically just take whatever you want, seal it in a HDPE plastic bag and you'r good to go. Most commodity plastics will work. Even the ones used for 3d-printing. It's not like any biocompatibility issues will kill you in that case anyway.

    Chances of detecting such devices... well.. maybe if you xray someone. But other than that, nope.

    I don't feel like this talk belongs here anyway. This forum is about improving the human lifeform by the means of technology. And killing humans isn't really much of an improvement.
  • I apologize for not stating the purpose of this post, @drjaaz; I meant to inform and share. I consider detection as a last defense, so I don't think about it much. But, I used to search local nationals in Afghanistan and always felt weary about whether they were suicide bombers or not. Early detection would be nice.

    For a forum about biohacking, @ThomasEgi, I did not expect anybody to say anything is impossible. The doctors who implanted Abdullah Hassab al-Asiri certainly considered aftercare; he waited 24 hours to meet Prince Mohammed bin Nayef before going ham. Actually, the hardest part about the implanted explosives is detonation; you can't "just take whatever you want". 3D printing will lend itself to terrorism, if it hasn't already. Yes, detection is a doozy. I prefer George W. Bush's preemptive policy. This talk certainly belongs here, because it is biohacking. Whether whitehat, greyhat, or blackhat, information is information. Once you start censoring it, then you risk becoming a gestapo or worse blinding yourself to the truth that will exist despite yourself. Oh, really? I read that this forum is "a place to talk about grinder issues, ask questions, and get answsers." ( This is a grinder issue; it's happening out there and it proves to me that this exists despite myself. I've just now found my existential voice, my militant whitehat biohacking voice; please don't shoot me down!

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  • This is not, unfortunately a grinder issue. We are interested as thomasegi pointed out in expanding the capabilities of humanity via biology or implantation. Figuring out how people can hold explosives in themselves for 24 hours is neither our field nor our interest. I won't even touch your philosophy on bush.  This isn't a hack, this is terrorism. We can't develop detection methods as they already exist. Either you start xraying everyone you see or walk around with metal detectors. Either way people will always be more devious than our detectors and it's is not our place. It is an issue for the military to deal with. Everything in the wrong hands can be used for terrorism, 3d printing is neither special nor unique in that sense. Let me quickly breakdown problems with early detection so we can put this thread to bed. there are 3 ways to detect an explosive. Either you detect the explosive from the fumes it's putting off, the metal is housed in or the metal in the circuitry. the last two are covered by xrays and metal detectors, the later of which is pretty standard. Unless of course the detonator is so small it isn't picked up in which case it's a failure of your detection device and again not our problem. The former, the fumes is already work that is in progress by other groups who are both more interested and ebtter funded to deal with this. Also if your explosive is internal than it isn't putting out fumes and you can only detect the residue on the outside of someone. Which again can't be used in the field since bloody everything reaks of explosives since everyone is exposed to them. So any detector would be useless as it's constantly going to be going off. SO i hope that sorts this out and we can put it to bed.
  • Tell you what. Y'all can ignore this all you want. I'm not. Close the thread, I don't care.
  • Ok, so you say it is a Ginder issue. Just because it involves implants?
    Could you please succinctly state what the grind is? Like, define the project.

    I'm not closing this thread because I don't like repressing conversation arbitrarily. However, this is not a political board, this is not a board to discuss fear and explodies. This is a place to talk about grinding. That means human improvement. I would consider people blowing themselves up the opposite of that.

    So please, focus on the grind. If that can't be done, find another topic we can talk about that focuses on augmentation, not elimination.
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    Well, yeah @glims, because it involves implants and this part of the forum says "everything else".
    Well, there is no grind, there is no project. I just assumed that my fellow forum members would appreciate me bringing up this particular news, but I was sorely mistaken.

    Thank you for your grace. Okay, this is not a political board. With that said, even the act of grinding makes a political statement. The point of this post was to point out that there are bad guys grinding out there. Thought it'd be relevant to "everything else". I wasn't tryna scare nobody; I have experiences etched in my brain that keep me looking out for danger. I'm a proud U.S. Army veteran. I can tell nobody here's seen combat...

    Understood. Correct me again if I get out of line.
  • @vivaleis @glims  i understand that the purpose of this board is for conversations about grinding in it's positive sense, however as viva pointed out, it's not in our hands to say that it is something that is "only a positive kind of thing".  I think his point - to inform and share - that grinding is taking place in perhaps not-so-noble ways around the world was informative and i personally learned something new.  While this isn't an idea to go off of, or a new project to pursue, i don't think it was at any point "political" or in any way toxic or malicious ( the post itself, not the subject matter idk if that makes sense).  i don't think any of us are here to judge or be hostile.  so PEACE . thanks for sharing man. i found it interesting. also, @glims maybe we can get a thread going on Biohacking in the world?  something with a place we can share instances of grinding, positive or negative that are happening in the world today? ( no reason to close our eyes to them; granted i'm not saying it should be any kind of focus , it obviously is not)  
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    The point that I am making is that placing a bomb inside you is not grinding. It is not about human advancement, it is about destruction. This isn't positive vs negative. @DirectorX wants to become a human taser. That is not blowing himself up.

    Just cause you cram something in your body doesn't mean you are a cyborg. The issues about rejection and coatings mentioned are legit. 24 hours is nothing. I could literally put an uncoated cellphone in me for that long. And have it ring. This does not make me a phone. And if I die in a day, what have I developed? Nothing. If you overclock your computer and its amazing for 30 minutes and then fries itself, this is not a legit hack.

    Also, you obviously haven't read my posts before. If you think that was me judging or being hostile.. heh.... Sometimes its what we need to stop people from placing suguru in the body and sterilizing with vodka.

    Viv mentioned there is no grind. That's good enough for me.
    @Dragon5 for available actual Grinds out there, I suggest checking out this thread
    where people have been discussing current implants available. No one actually mentioned magnets (shock and awe!) and I'm sure if you dig, you can probably find more things to add to the list and everyone would love that

  • My  mentioning hostility was specifically about viv's last comments "  just assumed that my fellow forum members would appreciate me bringing up this particular news, but I was sorely mistaken. " 
     and yes i have not read as many posts of yours as i should sensei.
     however the phone point is arguable. somebody once told me that i can be anything i want to be SO WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME i can't be a phone goddarnit !  otherwise. point taken. 
    edit : i grammar good.
  • Heh, ok, hope we are all on the same page. I'm going to gently close this since there are no further grinds available.
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