Welcome to the board (read this first)

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So you want an implant or are interested in biohacking, welcome, you're in the right place. 

First off, check out the wiki. It's constantly growing but is a great starting point and will help prevent clogging the forum with questions that are answered already. So do give it a read. 

We try and keep things organized best we can but your help is always good. When you make a new post, think carefully and try and put it in a category that makes sense. And please try and remember to tag your posts. It makes finding them easier, especially for new members who don't have them bookmarked. 

For those itching for an implant, some questions before you start.

1. What sort of implant do you want?
If you want a magnet check out dangerousthings.com as they carry the standard. 
Same goes for many RFID tags
Although there are of course many other option of course and growing list is available in the wiki.
If you want something custom read through the IMPLANTABLE PROJECTS category and get an feel for what's possible. Once you've done that if there's more information you need feel free to post in the Questions category and if the discussion leads to a fully realized project the thread will be moved to the implantable projects section.

2. So you've picked your implant, how are you getting it into yourself?
If it's a magnet the wiki will have a written procedure for you to follow if it's going into a standard spot. There are many videos out there as well, i'd highly advise watching them. Even the silly failures, you'll learn what not to do that way.
Need/want someone else to do it for you? Having trouble finding a person? Head to the "help finding implanters section" and we'll try and sort you out.

3. Do you understand surgical procedure? aseptic technique? etc?
If yes, good, but maybe review just in case.
If not, the wiki is your friend or check out the new magnet tech category
4. Do you have all the tools you need?
If yes, GREAT! Have fun and be careful.
If not, again, you're in the right place. Dangerous things has most of what you need but check out the sourcing section on the wiki for more or ask in the questions section if you can't find something, we're happy to help.
5. So you think you’ve been implanted against your will

And that's all, if you don't see something you're worried about, have a look around or head to the questions sections.

Best of luck and enjoy the board!
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