Welcome to the board (read this first) (UPDATED)

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Welcome to Biohack.me, the little corner of the internet for people interested in the various aspects of "biohacking", though primarily this board is the home of the "grinders" or implant focused people. (The name comes from Dr sleepless, calm down)


First off, board basics.

There are categories based on the topic. STICK TO THEM. Please don't post in random categories as it makes it harder to find posts later and someone will have to reorganize it. When you make a new post, think carefully and try and put it in a category that makes sense. And please try and remember to tag your posts. Before you post anything ask yourself "CAN I FIND THIS ON GOOGLE". If the answer is yes, don't post. Then ask yourself (and check!) if there are other posts that already answer your question. Again, if the answer is yes, don't post.

The board is fairly old and most things have been brought up before. Chances are your idea isn't new. So start by searching through old posts, though try not to revive threads that are long dead unless you actually have something new to add.

Also there is a wiki with a diverse collection of knowledge. Before making a post, check the wiki, read posts, and do a google search.

There is also a slack channel for those into that sort of thing. Message cassox for an invite.


For the people interested in an implant there are several threads for sourcing things like magnets. Check there first.
For other varieties of implant (rfids and such) there are several suppliers including cyberise.me, and dangerousthings.com.

Our recommendation is always that if you want an implant, have it done by a professional. It's safer and much more likely to succeed. If you insist on not going that route, there are resources and threads pinned to help, but again, it's recommended you find a professional.

To that end, chances are whatever coating you've cooked up is garbage and not sufficient for implants. As such attempting to coat your own magnets and such really isn't advised. So posting about your new coating idea will likely end in one of us saying that. Save us all some time, buy a properly made one and stop trying to coat implants in whatever random nonsense you happen to come up with. Yes that means sugru, hotglue, gold, etc. Almost everything you can thin of has been tried. The standards are what they are for a reason.

If however you think you've been implanted against your will, there's a thread for that too. DO NOT MAKE NEW POSTS.


Now some things this board is NOT.
-We are not a collection of people who will make implants for you.
-We are not google
-We will not make you weird designer drugs
-We will not make you something illegal


And that's all there is to it. Know that threads will be closed at the discretion of the mods and repeat offences will get you ban hammered.

If you enjoy the board and want to help keep it going, consider the patreon.

Best of luck and enjoy the board!


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