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  • @Jack According to the Shallot docs it will take 2.5 years on a 1.5 Ghz CPU to generate 9 chars. However I think its possible to use a octo-core Xeon 3.2 Ghz to do it in a reasonable amount of time.. I have access to a server like that, i'll see what I can do.
  • Well, since it's a probabilistic estimate maybe we'll get lucky ;)
  • Well, the server thing didn't work out, just got replaced last weekend. Anyway I have a machine running right now 24/7 to generate biohackme*******.onion. Will take approx 55 days.. I'll check in when I'm done.
  • @AMNESIA Excellent, thank you.
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    FYI, is failing and loading a CloudFlare error page. insecure (http) still works (obviously)
  • Just a quick update on the tor onion address that is still being generated.. The process has been running for the past 23 days, that means I'm almost on 50% of my approx time of 55 days to generate the biohackme********.onion address..image
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    Server upgrades are now deferred pending a resolution in funding the upgrade.
  • @AMNESIA  any luck with the onion address?
  • @Jack, Unfortunately the server had a power outage and the UPS was not able to hold long enough for the power to be restored. It's running again..
  • From the beginning?
  • Well, when 'bruteforcing' .onion addresses there is no beginning. Tries are random so it could be found tomorrow, or in one year. Who knows.
  • Anything not already implemented from the list in the OP probably won't be, so I'm closing this discussion.
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