Magnet implants - list of uses, with video demo for each

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I've built a listing of magnet implant uses at 

It's to save you time explaining to people. Just tell them to go and look there.

Most listings have the URL of a video that demonstrates a particular use.
For those that have no URL for a video, please email me one if you know it.


Bruce Thomson in New Zealand. [email protected]


  • That certainly is a nice list that has been compiled together so far. It is always nice to see people go out of there way to organize knowledge such as this while it is still relatively new by comparison.
  • Few things to point out in that list:

    RFID tags aren't related to magnet implants.

    You can not sense a WIFI tower or any other Radio signal, it's too fast , the magnet could not keep up with the speed of the signal changing. If there is any sensation, it's probably regular powerlines or a trafo inside the station.

    Live wires can only be sensed if there is current going through. A live wire with no load (thus no current flowing) will only have a very very weak magnetic field, often too weak to pick up.

    The compass also unrelated to magnet implants. It uses a far more sensitive electronic magnetometer and mechanical stimulation as output. Earth's magnetic field is too weak to be sensed with magnetic implants in fingertips.

    Other than that. A nice list of implants/hacks.
  • Thanks, Thomas - quite right. I'm learning. = )
  • I was reading about the NorthPaw. Remember it saying that it was the position of the motors associating vibration with direction, because the motors were placed around the ankle. Would differing vibrations from a solitary magnet really achieve the same effect?
  • Hi Travizzle
    - Good thinking, but the amount of vibration of the implanted magnet from the earth's magnetic field is too weak to be felt.
    - That's why the North Paw has battery-powered vibrators that are responding to amplified sensing signals from the direction device.
    - I've just discovered the North Paw is out of stock, so I can't buy one. 'Reluctant to build one.
    - Perhaps someone's got one I could buy (if it's actually as good as claimed)
    - Maybe by now there's an equivalent device. I don't mean just a compass or GPS, I mean a wearable device that could in a few weeks of wearing it, teach me to aquire a body-sense of direction. (Is that claim confirmed or disproved?)
    - Regards, Bruce Thomson in New Zealand.
  • Accounts I've read say that Northpaw does not tune a person to the Earth's magnetic field (i.e. you take it off, you've got nothing).  That's why 'round here, we dream of Southpaw :)
  • A year and a half later, and I think the most "useful" thing I do with my magnetic implants is a quick privacy sleep trigger on a laptop by waving my finger over the sensor in the frame. Tricks it into thinking the screen is closed. The RFID and NFC chips are for more "useful" by most people's standards.
  • develop devices that operate with magnetic implants is relatively simple such as switches for electronic equipment
  • Nice list but some of the video links are death (Error: TinyURL redirects to a TinyURL). Also would it be possible to embed the videos instead of linking?
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