Bioproof Silicone Coating

Hi. I am planning to implant a RFID password key into my forearm and am
looking for a way to bioproof it. It’s about the size of a small USB
flash drive and encased in hard plastic. I would like to coat the
entire thing with silicone, but I don’t know which type of silicone to
get. Is food grade silicone good enough or do I need to get implant
grade? Where can I buy this on the Internet? Also, what type of
sterile precautions do I need to observe while applying the coating and
prior to implanting? I appreciate any suggestions you all might have.



    you can get medical grade silicone from there. if you ask nicely you probably get precise instructions on how to use and cure it aswell.

    using PTFE shrinking tubes may also be an option (maybe with a ptfe plug on each end). probably cheaper and easier to handle.
  • I'm pretty enamored with Dental Resin myself and it's self curing. That's the route I'd take.
  • I checked out Applied Silicone, but their prices are pretty steep. It's what I want, but they charge between $250 and $350, depending on which product you buy. Why does everyone think that I have deep pockets just because I want to control what goes into my body?

    Anyways, had anyone tried it? If so, how far does 2lb go? I'd hate to waste any at that price!
  • 2lb , or around 900g should be enough even for a number of bigger implants. so that would be a good option for producing a series of implants which are already tested and known to work. after all, that stuff is suited for long-term implantation. and if we coat 5 or 10 implants in a batch, the price for each becomes a lot less dramatic.
    guess it is not the first choice when it comes to prototyping stuff due to said price issue.
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