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  • if you would read the entire article instead of just the headline. you would notice that your link only proves that microbes can grow on the surface of insulators and making them ineffective. no surprise. there are also ants chewing off insulators and building nests inside electrical devices, causing shorts and destruction.

    about the logic gates. altho proven to work, using a cpld or fpga is not only ways cheaper, but you also get way better structure size, faster circuits, on-the-fly-reprogrammability, and a great toolchain.

    don't get me wrong. organic computing is an interesting topic. but we are years, if not decades away from a supercomputer. even replacing the microcontroller in your washing mashine would be very difficult at this stage.
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     it is inevitable that fungi will be the future of computers.and i was only half kidding about the fungi wanting to integrate with computers i red the whole article i know what it said. as for  a cpld or fpga being  way cheaper,and having better structure size of course it is. that's be cuz of u know, moore's law and moore's law is directly dependent on humanity and its understanding of energy and its interaction between matter.i feel like nikola tesla here no one understands what i am trying to do until i physically show them even then people  don't fully understand whats going on.they can only see what's wrong with my ideas and can never tell me whats right about them i guess cuz they are just to stupid to connect the dots or something i don't know???
    did you even read this Discussion???if your answer is no i suggest you read it and if your answer is yes. i am sad to say that i am not surprised to see you only commenting on how this is not possible for me to do.
    P.S do you have anything beneficial to add to the subject or do you just wont  to tell me how inefficient and misunderstood i am ????
    i what to leave on a more happy note so i'll say this be for i go. may love, peas and understanding be with  us all

  • Inevitable, is it?

    There's the scientific method as expressed by this generation's educational system, folks. Idea sounds cool, therefore supremacy of the idea is inevitable.
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    i can't fully grasp your logic but the last part seems true enuff
  • If this were my project, I'll tell you where I'd go with it. First off, give up Fungi as a means of modulating/processing signal. It simply doesn't occur in fungus. Neurons use ligand gated ion channels and voltage gated ion channels, along with some pumps that use/maintain diffusion gradients for rapid signalling.

    These channels and pumps do exist in pretty much everything... but unless your going to get into some pretty damn revolutionary genetic engineering... your not going to be able to use these things for your purpose. It's simply out of your reach unless your working for some well, WELL funded organization, not to mention some serious working knowledge. Growing fungi on electrodes isn't going to be hard... but it won't be fruitful. They will just live there.

    You might consider studying Lichen, which consists of a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and a cyanobacter or algae. If you could figure out the signalling the initiates or allows for symbiosis, perhaps you could instead introduce neurons as part of the symbiosis.

    Alternatively, you could find some micro organism that behaves in a way that could be shanghei'd and use it. For example, some fungus are bioluminescent. Does the light output change if a current is introduced? If so... could you use a culture of photoreceptive cells as an "input" or something?" 

    I'm not saying any of these ideas have merit... I'm simply saying, consider your angle. Come up with a model.
  • i can't begin to express my appreciation so I'll just say thank you and i am going to do some stuff and I'll up date all you when i make some breakthroughs
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    from 1:34 to 1:38 they are demonstrating how it can be used as a pressure sensitive pad .you know like a i pod this is some pretty cool teck
  • Wow. Just wow. I am so bummed that I missed out on the meat and potatoes of this discussion.  And after I've already done a similar project and everything. We get one interesting bio idea and things just go pear shaped... ;)

    ok, for anyone interested, there is a new paper in the library about designing synthetic circuits. it's called... synthetic circuits. There is actually a ton of research about this type of project, and very few people are working neural cells. it's all about the bacteria.

    @TheMind I strongly suggest going with bacteria. The biobricks for making your own boolean logic bacteria already exist. i've actually worked on one of the projects. HOWEVER, unless you have a quick and easy source of Gibson CBA Master Mix (since its faster, easier and less frustrating than using restriction enzymes), you won't be swapping plasmids any time soon. I have a recipe if you are willing to buy all the ingredients tho...

    there is a lot more i can get in to on these topics (hello earth batteries!), but i'm just going to start off slow.

    oh, and you should design yourself a chemostat so that you can keep your cultures balanced. build your tools first. then use those tools to make the things you want.
    if you want a complete list of the tools needed to engage in this project, let me know.
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    recipe , ingredients ,meat and potatoes yea that sounds good i would like to collaborate with you. i am willing just not able to buy all the stuff.and the project
    i can definitely learn a thing or two from someone with experience in this field .synthetic circuits,bio-bricks,chemostat for my cultures,yeah i definitely want
    a complete list of the tools needed to engage in this project but
    if we are going to start on this project  i would like to start off with the Tesla coil.
    because  a tesla coil is a good tool to generate and manipulate electromagnetic waves,
    sound waves,and light waves and it has a big role to play in this project  and my future so yeah tell me what you think glims ??

    i would like to  give a shout out to DirectorX thanks for the support bro
    and yeah its the video and wedsite on the top of this page
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    "Anyways, I really gotta ask. This is gonna piss you off, but how many of those B+ caps did you eat before conceiving of this idea?"  - @Saal  lmfao dude i love you man. and as TheMind said : Love sweet sweet peas and understanding be with us all.  in jesus name i pray amen hail satan.
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