Silicone Implants

Am I missing something here?  I just got an idea while watching an episode of Taboo about body modification.  Doctors freak out if we suggest something radical like implanting a tiny, bio-safe coated magnet into our finger in order to extend our sense of touch to detect magnetic fields, but they don't bat an eyelash when we talk about implanting huge blobs of silicone in our boobs, our butts, and just about anywhere else you can think of just to "look good!"  Sounds more hypocritical than Hippocratic if you ask me.  (Unfortunately, no one ever does.)

Anyways, since they're sticking silicone up under the skin anyway, what's to prevent us from inserting a bio-hack inside the silicone?  That would provide a pretty large volume for us to play around with.  The main problem I could see would be to somehow make the circuitry as flexible as the silicone containing it so that it wouldn't tear the silicon.

What do you all think?  Possibility?  Impractical?  Stupid idea?  I'd love to see some discussion on the feasibility of this.



  • silicone has been throughoutly discussed already and was found to be a good option. we put a link to a silicone supplier with dow corning medical grade silicone into the wiki under materials.

    the silicone is elastic enough to not take any damage. protecting the circuits boards components is more critical.
  • Thanks @ThomasEgi.  I hadn't come across that particular discussion.  I'm slowly going through all of the discussion threads, but there's a lot of good material here.

    It's good to know it's a viable idea.

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    Holy shitballs! I was just at the APP 2013 (piercing industry trade show) and I was talking to some piercing and body mod guys about silicone injections. I guess there are a lot of DIY injections going on. They could be lethal. Do a google search for silicone penis injections...I dare you. People are inflation parts of their bodies to disturbing sizes. In the case of penises, most people completely lose sexual functionality in exchange for tree-trunk members.

    So the word on the street is that un-contained silicone injections (not in a bag, like in the case of breast implants) eventually result in the silicone being carried off to other parts of the body, which can clog areas or kill you. BME wiki has an entry on it. It is kind of interesting though since it can make freakishly large bulges.
  • calm down a bit. there are hundrets and thousands of different kinds of silicones. those DIY injections are something very different. they usualy use small silicone drops made from silicone used to seal your bathroom tiles, injected into whatever you want to enlarge. those blobs are not really save on their own, plus they can get into the bloodstream and clogg bloodvessels (in your brain).

    encapsuling implants in silicone (whith silicone made for this purpose) is a different story. here you have a rather big object which gets a thick coat of silicone, which is then cured. resulting in a robust, rubber like, biosave coating. done right, it even complies to FDA regulations for long-term implantable materials.
  • lol. I know. I guess that came out wrong. The original post about silicone blobs just reminded me of the story and I thought I'd share.

    On a more relevant note this time, check out these heat sealed silicone capsules:
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