Had to have my magnet removed

edited February 2015 in Procedures
Today I noticed my magnet I had implanted roughly 2-3 weeks ago was slightly poking through the skin so, knowing how bad transdermal things are with infection, I used my knife to gently pull it out, since magnets are attracted to metal it was very easy. I am hoping to re-implant it soon, I just need to order mire rubbing alcohol, another syringe, and make goddamn sure I don't lose my superglue the night before like last time. Oh well, I had confirmed I put it in too deep anyway so this is a chance to rectify my mistake :) better luck next time as they always say.


  • What was your implant method? 
  • What coating have you got on this magnet and was it the rod or circle shape? 
  • It was the needle method. It was Parylene coated, and rod shaped. It slowly moved it way down the open wound because I neglected to properly close it. I lost the superglue I was going to use the day before.
  • I learned from my mistake and the next time I implant it, it will be more effective.
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