Using magnets for surrounding-sensors

I just had this idea I thought would be nice to share:

Imagine a approximation sensor of some sort (I have not looked one up yet) attached to your finger (or wherever you think it is useful) connected with a small electro-magnet loosely attached to your finger with the implant. 

In off-mode, the electromagnet would not generate any field but when the approximation sensor detects an object nearby (distance must be defined) it forces the electromagnet to generate a field which you then would be able to feel with your finger.

The energy-source for both the sensor and the electro-magnet could be realized in form of a mobile-phone battery or something.

Future application would of course be internal (implanted) energy source.

what'ya think?

Edit: I just realized that smartphones have these tiny sensors on the top so these may be of some help. They are like 4x4x4 mm or something.



  • @newbie:  That sounds a lot like our Bottlenose device, actually, which also allows to use different types of sensors.  Kevin Warwick's students have also done something similar.
  • It seems a bit silly to me.  If you're going to have a device attached to your finger that is supposed to translate sensor readings into vibrations, then why not vibrate the skin directly using a vibration motor or something like that?  That completely eliminates the need for the magnetic implant, which comes with obvious disadvantages compared to an external stimulator.
  • Wouldn't a coil be far flatter?  You could stick it in a glove.
  • Okay,
    despite the size and form I had in mind it's exactly like Grindhouse's bottlenose.. It seems I wasn't the frist one with that idea.. :)
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