New Batch of Cassox Magnets

Hey Everyone!

Word on the street says that @Cassox will be online tomorrow and selling a batch of magnets! In addition to that, he'll be showcasing some of the awesome new projects he's been hard at work on.

Get hyped! haha I know I am


  • Ok. Worked all day and night in the lab. Will have some pics up in a bit.
  • This is jewelry going up for sale.
  • dude, thats sick! do they all glow?
  • No. Just some of them.
  • I need some better pics. So I have one last batch of pellucid magnets. 30 to be exact. These are the 3mm x1mm TiN N52 classic for the finger tips. After that, its all multi magnet arrays. It you are within 150 miles and would like to receive a test implant let me know.
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    @dnsprincess wants in on them; the bottom right glow and maybe some others!

  • Oh heck yeah @Cassox
    I'm sure @init6 told you we have a guy to install them for us
    Happy to buy the glowing ones from the last image "...211136" top right and bottom right.
    I'm so curious how they will compare to the 2 finger magnets I have

    If you need me to test anything, I'm stocked up and willing too. Happy test dummy

  • Awesome. So, the top right is the new incarnation of the lantern implant. It's a large ring N52 magnet. The inside consists of a glowing pigment encased in PMMA. It can be charged through the skin with a bright flashlight.
  • Hey @Cassox save me one for when I come out for the PegLeg!
  • * small glowing one or a pellucid, whatever works
  • Actually.. I got in sure other new stuff and it's so amazing to work with.
  • I'm going to call these prototypes only. I'll have something much much cooler soon.
  • Hi, I'd be interested in one of the pellucids, should we PM you to order?

  • Egad. I've got to get better at this whole.. business thing. Please do.
  • > @Cassox said:
    > I need some better pics. So I have one last batch of pellucid magnets. 30 to be exact. These are the 3mm x1mm TiN N52 classic for the finger tips. After that, its all multi magnet arrays. It you are within 150 miles and would like to receive a test implant let me know.

    I am not within 150 miles, but I am interested. It's that a hard cut off to avoid some regulation regarding shipping?
  • No. Not at all. I can ship these no problem. Sorry, it was an unfinished thought. I'm going to be showing off a very cool new type of finger magnet; however, they're custom sized and implanted at the lab. The thing is.. we're in a pandemic. So, having someome drive from LA or SF is one thing.. flying in etc is out of the question.
    And yes, having the insertion performed here is essential. I use exactly the same procedure each time if something goes wrong, I'd know it's not because of the procedure or aftercare.
  • Totally reasonable, it's valuable to maintain control over the variables while testing out new techniques.
  • Ok. I've been holding out on shipping. The new batch really is beautiful and I'm going to be shipping these out instead. For those who have already orderered, idk.. I guess I'll hit you all up individually? Anyhoe, take a look at these:
  • The bottle contains the newest magnets.. the pellucid white. Next to it is out newest implant, the Milk Tooth. The Milk Tooth is an NFC and N52 magnet insertable. We're still finalizing design on some other fun. Keep your eyes out.
  • @Cassox Interesting project! Has anyone tried the multi array magnets so far? Also, can I please ask the purpose of having multiple magnets right next to each other? Are they for ex. all north side up, or alternating? Once again, very interesting project!!

  • Oh well, the term array doesn't mean much. Its a fancy way for me to say multiple magnets in one. Lol. Now.. a halbach array is a different story. The point is that by arranging a number of magnets together you can create something similar to unipolar magnet. It's not of course.. but if you check out the field being created it's all on one side of the magnet. The idea is that instead of a big wasted field, you can focus the field and get much more effect from something small.

    Ok, now to put into context how difficult this is to do.. all the magnets are being held in opposition to each other.. the whole thing wants to implode on itself. And because the magnets to make it are so small... Yeah. It's a pain in the ass and I think there are other ways to get better results.
  • I've done a few versions before but I don't think I've put them in anyone but me so far. Rather than trying to super focus the whole field, ive been flipping the two magnets so they too are in opposition. The field created is rather impressive.
  • @Cassox your description was informative. I am guessing the Halbach array could cause a rather intense sensation... I tried superglueing once such together (linear), the field was so strong it ripped the array apart.

    Super focusing the field with a toroid shape, despite it holds itself together ... you don't want that in your body, for sure =)! least not when you have technology any near to you.

    Is the point of opposing the magnets to create torque? It would make sense for me if you wanted to feel the direction of the EM field better, compared to a single magnet setup.
    Almost like adding a new dimension to the sensation.
    The glowing could even help you memorising the polarity and it looks awesome!

  • Yeah. I mean, our focus had been on stronger magnets.. better field shapes etc. It was a quest for stronger and smaller. But what I've found is that the physical shape and size of the device matters more. People are selling units labeled n55. I've bitched about this before. It's just a different of how honest you are in labeling. What I'm finding is that design matters more. Think of it this way.. if I have two magnets in a chunk of thick plastic.. the sensation isn't going to be great. But I can use the same mass.. same magnets and same amount of plastic.. I can push those units farther apart and add a laser cut sheet with tendrils extending away from the implant.. when a field hits the unit, you'll be able to feel even the smallest amount of movement. Those magnets could probably even be weak. Proper design magnifies the sensation.
  • For example, with the double units you're seeing? When a field hits them, one repels and one attracts. The entire unit moves.
  • Ok. The first batch of the newer designs are finished, polished, tested and ready to ship out. We'll be putting these up on the website soon as well.
    One thing we found.. 3mm is too big for fingers really. By using many smaller magnets we can create much better magnets if you specifically want a finger magnet. So rather then a single size, we're going to have a number of models available.

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