clear/blistered skin over magnet.

hi yall. I recently implanted a magnet, and it went... okay. it sealed up and healed for the most part, but there is clear skin on some parts of the magnet. I suspect this to be a blister? or some bacteria got in? it hasn't changed in the past few days, isn't tender, isn't milky, it's just... clear. I really am against taking my magnet out, and ill gladly keep it like this for another month or so if it means keeping the magnet. I wrap it in sterile gauze every day and keep it clean. I take a shower with a glove on, but not taped on, it's mainly there to stop my hair from snagging an edge or something or other. I just want to know what is it really, and what to do. again, LAST OPTION would be to take it out, so instead of suggesting that of the bat, I kindly ask yall to give be other suggestions. regardless of what the picture may look like, it is SEALED with like a mm of skin. there is just extra ontop making a sorta cliff appearance.


  • Not really sure what I'm looking at. If the skin ABOVE the magnet is messed up, I'd say it is likely that the magnet will reject. Under normal circumstances, the skin above the magnet should remain mostly unchanged, because you're not really doing anything to it. Obviously, in the short term, the skin above the magnet may be numb/white due to severed nerves and blood vessels, but color should return to it within a couple days (if that long) and feeling will return too.

    The question is: is all the tissue above the magnet messed up? Or is it just a superficial layer of skin that's weird, but everything below it is fine?

    Even if the skin is covering it and it is sealed, if a good majority of the skin is dead (whitish, blister-like, numb), you're out of luck for the most part. If you don't take it out, the tissue around it will die and slowly your body will reject it. No use keeping it in at that point, as it'll heal faster with less scarring if you take it out yourself.

    With that said, if it doesn't feel warm, isn't overly sensitive, no pus or lymph fluid, it's not infected, in which case keeping it in won't kill you. But there's nothing you can do now to help heal it if the tissue is already dead, so if that is the case, either you take it out or you let your body take care of it and it comes out on its own time, with more scarring.

  • its like, only PARTIALLY is the skin above the magnet clear like that. its not tender at all, and almost completely healed. its just cosmetic that I'm worried about. and the skin above it isn't white-ish, its completely clear. i'd say like 70% of the magnet is covered with "good skin" and only a bit of it isn't. feeling is there too. lemme take a better pic for ya. and yes, everything below is fine.

  • i peeled the dead skin off of my finger(seen to the right) and ontop of the magnet is what it was. ill be taking it out tonight.

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