Planning to sell implantable magnets

Hi guys. I am actually planning on ordering magnets for implantation and selling them.
The magnet I have in mind is a ball shaped magnet with a diameter of 2 millimeters. I will try to give it 2 coatings, one gold one and one titanium one. The reason why I chose a ball magnet is because I believe it breaks even less than a disc one because a ball doesn't have any edges. I'm thinking of a price of 100 euros per magnet. Please calculate for yourself what that will be in your own currency.
I would really like to know who would be interested in this


  • Well.. good luck. You won't be able to get the titanium to work. It's been attempted many times. I know you'll be able order them.. but you might consider a different coating.
  • I don't think there is anything wrong with titanium itself. It's used in the medical industry all the time. I think the problem is that the magnet wasn't 100% covered with costing. Miniscule holes in the coating could still cause problems. So that's why I chose 2 coatings, to fill up any gaps that remain in the first coating
  • I understand. I've also tried so many different vendors with different methods and seen it fail that I don't really think it's an option. Also, you wont find any one doing pure titanium. There are far better sputtered coatings. You can do like deep drawn titanium, but not in the sizes that would work for your application. See, the thing is that a lot of people have done this already. And, they inevitably fail. I'm not shooting you down. Go ahead. But test them before sending them out. And when they all fail, I think you should refund everyone their money. But you won't do that will you? It's just a bummer seeing this happen over and over.
  • See the price breakdown is silly. You and I both know the actual price breakdown. You're looking to charge these people 100 euros? Lol. If you've done your due diligence, you've found a place to coat magnets with a minimum batch size of around 2000. Charging what? 1200 euros? When you include cost for the magnets themselves.. it's maybe 1 euro each? So clearly, you're already looking to scam people.
  • I actually wonder if you're going to have anything made at all. That's beside the point. What's the maximum temperature of the process you're using? Do you know why that's important?
  • You are right by saying that there is no guarantee that they will work. It's experimental. I will also not guarantee it will work 100%. Im just giving it my own shot, maybe it works maybe it doesn't. But it's been like that from the start. And people are always curious to see if it works or not, so there will always be people that would want try it out. I've spent 100 euros on magnets before for myself. They didn't work either. So I try to find a solution for it. And that's what I'm trying now.
    Therefore my message is to the people interested in this. Because there still aren't any companies that are selling these magnets, but I do believe there are people that would want this product.
  • And to further answer your questions.
    I think 100 is reasonable. selled magnets for 60 dollars and the magnet was a disk magnet 1 by 3 millimeters. With one titanium coating. You can make of that what you wish. Also I have no knowledge of the process, I'm leaving that to the company I'm ordering them from.
  • Yes. Well, we've tried that many many times. 100 is definitely reasonable for a tested and dependable product. Not so much for a beta run; and especially not for a beta run repeating the same mistakes of the past. I would advise going through the forum and looking into others attempts. It's been done many many times; however, not successfully.

  • The magnet from dangerous things is not coated in titanium nor has it ever been.
  • Small update, the company said that 2 millimeters is too small for them, 3 millimeters in diameter is the smallest they can make. I will also try to find out what kind of coating method they use.
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