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Hi, ive been very curious in the field of nootropics and if they can help me, I have had two concussions and a fractured skull from various car accidents and being hit in the head. I have been in and out of hospitals for migraines most of my life because of this, and they have done MRI scans with no results. I have a CAT scan coming up and I will try to post some pics, if you have any recommendations on different nootropic stacks to improve memory and brain function it would be very much appreciated! Thank you for any help you may offer.


  • Alright, i'm two weeks late but i'll take a stab:

    The field of nootropics is where neuroscience and chemistry converge, and individual biological factors vary massively and are incredibly important. There are many things that will aid you in increasing neurological 'function,' among the most famous being Creatine, acetal-L-theanine, iodine, etc. I highly suggest these, most specifically creatine and Iodine.

    You are likely going to be looking for increased NGF (Neural Growth Factor) which L theanine and iodine do among many other effects. Creatine will increase bioavailability and transportation of ATP, which given your brain consumes a majority of your calories that is where it will effect the most.

    In general though i'm hesitant about giving you advice, as nobody should take everything they learn as nondisputable fact in regards to long term safety, particularly if you have a history for neuronal injury. That complicates things, a lot.

    I can help more if you give me more information in regards to the location, frequency, and type of migraine pain you have so we can work towards aiding the cause. For now the most helpful long term is the increased NGF, as that may help rehabilitate or replace damaged neural pathways inciting pain depending on the root cause. Could also make it worse if you don't do the proper psychological rehab too...

    I'll say it again: The physiological link between physical and psychological is massively important and currently the biggest challenge in medicine today. It's incredibly complicated and variable. I'm making this less effective by pointing it out, but a majority of the time instances like this are solved via psychosomatic rehabilitation and a degree of placebo.

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