Pulled a V2 Firefly

Long time, everyone. Hehe

I pulled my V2 Firefly yesterday.


  • Oh no I really liked your placement! Why did you wind up pulling it?

  • I decided it was time for me to remove it. Still perfectly functional.

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    Here's an update

    I still have a pocket of fibrous tissue that was surrounding the Firefly, in it's location. I can still feel it by running a finger over it, but the removal went completely painless. (Not literally, but no complications or concerns.)

    Healing very cleanly. It's interesting having my face being 'thinner' than it was. It's a nice feeling. ^^

    I am very happy, as a side note, of the 'temporariness' of this 'tattoo', and that I was able to remove it as simply as installing it. Honestly, my body did a better job of wrapping and healing around the thing than I would have expected, and it took a lot more cutting than anticipated to free it.

    I would not suggest doing this without anesthetics. It took me about 40 minutes, staring myself in the mirror, and just slowly enlarging the cut, then tunneling to reach the firefly from the side, inside the cut, due to my mis-judgement of the toughness of the grown layer around the implant. I'm prone to anxiety, and had an anxiety attack halfway through, that I had to keep going through, because of the stress of the situation.

    I would also not suggest doing this by yourself, if at all avoidable. Having a second set of competent hands would have been comfortable for a few of the steps, and saved me a lot of labor with coordination, and time, by extension pain.

  • If the fibrous tissue remains, and becomes a nuisance, I'd suggest Kenalog. I injected a different grinder who had a gnarly granuloma following a magnet removal, and it definitely helped it shrink. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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