Forum software upgrade

I just upgraded the forum to address a critical security hole.

While I was in there, I did some housekeeping to hopefully make future upgrades easier.

Let me know here if anything seems wonky or broken, yeah?


  • Thanks for everything you do!!
  • I've just upgraded the forums to Vanilla 2.8. No security emergency this time.

    Let me know if y'all see anything hinky!

  • Forums have been upgraded to 2.8.1, addressing some medium security vulnerabilities.

    Also, badges are a thing, now.

    Also also, we are finally fulfilling our digital Patreon rewards- listing patrons in the Patreon Virtual Wall, and awarding badges for specific pledge levels.

  • Fancy to come back to badges. Like it hehe

    Thank you for the effort, Tekniklr, Appriciated!

  • I like the badges
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