Preventing Rejection

Hey guys. Just implanted my first magnet today. Didn't get any lidocaine so I had to do it without any numbing, except for some ice which wore off pretty quickly. Anyways, it's in now, and it's in pretty deep as far as I can tell. I just wanted to get people's advice on how to best prevent rejection, as that is the only thing I really fear at the moment. I know I need to take it easy on my finger for a couple days/weeks, but is there anything else you guys have found that prevents rejection that you think maybe isn't popular belief? I wanted to make a thread so maybe there would be a collected list instead of scattered posts about this, as I actually haven't seen to many people talk about this, and I think it needs a bit of light. All I've really seen is "take it easy".


  • For my money, the key to no rejection is simply good implantation and coating. Once it's in there, I'd say "take it easy" is pretty much the extent of preventing rejection. Keep it wrapped for a while so it doesn't get banged, don't slam your finger in a door, etc.

  • Periodically icing the site while elevating it above the level of your heart will decrease the inflammation. Some find ibuprofen helpful for the same reason.
  • @Cassox does reducing inflammation prevent rejection, or will it just ease pain?

  • It helps prevent rejection.
  • And don't play with stuff - I know this is hard - I didn't play for 2 month - I only lift for one time a paperclip.

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