NFC Ring

So, I just got a ring from Dangerous Things that has two NFC chips in it. It barely doesn't fit me and I was wondering if anyone knew if I could return it for a smaller size or possibly take it to a jeweler and have them make it a little smaller. Thanks in advance!


  • you should probably email @amal - he pops in here occasionally, but email would certainly be better in this case

    I expect a jeweler would be expensive and might damage the NFC

    you can also try asking on the dangerous things forums

  • This is a bit of a quick fix but you can find silicone ring sizers. They just make it fit you a little bit better. I use one just for my highschool class ring.

  • Thanks @Boi and @tekniklr . I’m gonna try the silicone rings, and if those don’t work then I will be sure to email Amal.
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    For the right size
    It it a size chart
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