Is there any chance of finding a good magnet for a fair price?

Iv'e been wanting to implant a magnet in my finger for almost 2 years now, and every single time when I start searching for a magnet nothing's available- either dangerous things' magnet backordered, or other places that won't sell magnets with parylene c / silicone/ teflon /TiN coating (which sucks because I'm pretty sure I'll mess up if I'll try coating it myself) at the right size and on a n52 magnet (or even not having these coatings available at all), and the only 2 places I've found are supermagnetman, which has a great deal but the shipping costs 80$ for my 9$ order (I also live in Israel which isn't helping me), and the other one is Steve Haworth which has them up for 58$ (I didn't check shipping because it's already too much for a silicone coating imo). I don't really want to have it gold coated since it comes off relatively quickly, and I want something better. Any tips? places to buy from, new coating materials I might not know about or even simple coats to apply at home?


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