Pellucid 1 - New Magnet Implant for sale



  • Sure. I can do another batch. I've had a lot of requests... Tell ya what. Hit me up after GF and I'll figure it all out. I'll likely have to order a few more supplies etc. but now that all the testing is done it takes like no time to do.

  • I may have found an implanter for this weekend! He's understandably nervous about me sourcing my own magnet, but he is highly regarded in the piercing/imbedding community and he seems confident about the procedure. Some feller called Brian Decker. I'm just waiting on a confirmation email from him.

    I need to do more reading on magnets that we know about that don't work, and which ones fail and why, and why I should be getting this particular one, so I can put his mind at ease.

    This is all very exciting.
  • I am definitely going to be purchasing multiple magnets in the next batch as I have many of my own experiments to do. How much needs to be pledged per batch including replenishing supplies?

  • @Cassox I would be very interested in buying a few. How much would they cost?

  • Sorry guys. It's GF. I'll totally get back to you soon.
  • I just had my magnet implanted. Brian Decker is awesome. He's also very interested in the coating.
  • Awesome. Are you going to take healing pics?
  • I sure am. I'll send you weekly pics until it's mostly healed, and then less often as it normalizes.
  • @Cassox hey! I'll probably get one when you'll be available !

  • So did the community just give up on the titanium or is this a better coating?
  • It's titanium nitride coated, with an additional coating of a hard biocompatible resin of Cassox's own design.
    While titanium nitride should be a wonderful coating, nobody seems to have sorted out a way to address the pinhole problem it has to a satisfactory degree. That is, titanium nitride coats tend to have tiny holes in their coating and they leak, slowly.
    While others are working on perfecting the coating process for titanium nitride, Cassox went an alternate route and double-coated it.

    If folks ever perfect the TiN coating, that would probably be sufficient, but these were made as a solution to the problems of the imperfect nature of TiN coatings.
  • It's been about 10 days since I last asked for an update, what's your plans Cassox?

  • Ha. Sleep. Recovering from GF. So, I'm off much of next week and I'll make a new batch. We worked with the new resins a lot. I'm going to be making a batch of larger cylinders to test also if anyone is interested.
  • Hi, I hope I'm not too late, but I'd be definitely interested in larger magnets. Is it possible to ship them to Europe?
    Thanks and good luck with the new resins!

  • @Cassox I'm still very interested, but not for the larger cylinders just for the smaller ones. How much would they cost?
  • @Cassox said:
    Ha. Sleep. Recovering from GF. So, I'm off much of next week and I'll make a new batch. We worked with the new resins a lot. I'm going to be making a batch of larger cylinders to test also if anyone is interested.

    Have you considered doing a batch of small cylinders for implantation on two segments of the finger for increased sensory feedback? It certainly requires a more professional implantation and shouldn't be carried out by inexperienced or uninformed individuals but if done properly would drastically increase sensitivity

  • I would be interested in the new ones as well. Happy to regularly photograph the incision site as well.

  • Multiple mags in a finger has been tried. Basically the two magnets begin migrating towards each other. There are work arounds of course. For example, if we coat a magnet with a hole through the middle, tissue in this hole will lock the magnet into place. I don't know that it would really increase sensitivity much though.
  • Ok, so I'm ordering everything for a few new batches. I'm going to do three different models - a disk, a cylinder, and a larger disc.
    One problem that came up with the last batches is difficulty in tracking orders. I get requests from two different emails, PM's here, PM's on slack. All over basically. What I'd like to do is maybe set up something on the auglim site to have all the requests in one place.
    So I'm already working on the batches.. waiting on magnets to come in. In one week I'll let you know how to request to be part of it. I'll also have updates regarding the materials being used etc.
  • are you still making these pellucid ones? and are they better at sensing than the xG3? and recommended implant locations? is it too big for a finger?

  • No actually. That was a particular run using a methacrylate. They worked great. It's meant specifically for fingers.
  • I mean, I can do them.
  • awesome, and their sensing capabilities? how much would you sell for?

  • ah, ignore that, i just read your comment on my other post, cant find the option to take down my own comments for some reason... I must be locked in stupid mode again. smh lol

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