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  • Those magnets look like the coating process worked real good. Just to compare them to my attempt at coating some magnets, heres a link to a picture of mine. My picture was taken with a cell phone camera and a clip on macro lens then I edited it to combine two pictures.

    I was just testing the atom adhesives epoxy and had no intention of implanting mine. Looks like you got the "flash" problem solved. That and not mixing the epoxy all at once (guessing at the ratio of epoxy to hardener) were the main problems I had trying to do this myself.

  • Hi @Cassox. I am happy so send weekly healing pictures. Heck, I'll make videos and do a little dance even. hahaha Please let me know when the next batch is ready.

  • Just implanted mine today. Procedure went without a hitch (that I can tell). Magnet was a thing of beauty

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    Lol I was thinking the other day, Cassox could be an alien up in some lab making these tiny magnets that form their function for us puny humans, but also have advanced tracking and bio-medical statistics he can monitor in real time. But I bet its just a magnet. ( a sweet bio-compatible magnet)

  • Hi guys, I have 2 magnets I imported long ago and trying to find where I can have implanted into fingers? I am in Melb for next few days otherwise Im in Nth Qld

  • After extended immersion in saline, the 3341 resin becomes more pliable then I think is optimal. I'm not happy with it for this purpose. Ive finished batch two but I've decided to change the coating type and redo the batch. I'll give more details tomorrow.

    Also, to keep tally.. out of the initial material tests there were no rejections. Out of the version 0 (this was the little gathering) there were two rejections. One of those I'm convinced was due to aftercare issues. The other though looked like a simple infection. There haven't been any coating failures I know of.

    Out of the version 1 batch there has been 1 rejection/failure. The magnet pushed out of the skin. It was then noticed that the coating was missing a piece. It had come away from the underlying TiN. This could have been from damage inflicted during implantation. It wasn't one I did and I don't know who did it. But then again it could have just as easily have been a manufacturing error that didn't manifest until it softened up from extended immersion.

    Please please keep sending me your updates and pics. Remember that you agreed to it when you joined the beta run. If you do have a problem with your unit, then I'll replace your magnet with the final version after we finish all rounds of testing. Additionally if you have a mag but would rather upgrade to one of the later versions as we go, no problem. You just have to pay for shipping. I'll be available via email/phone whatever all day tomorrow if you have any questions. I'll also be making a slack channel in grind syndicate so if you haven't joined yet please do.

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    Hey @cassox,, Do you have any plans to do bigger magnets? I still miss my m63 or whatever we called it. =P
    Also, let me know if I can help with mold pieces.

  • I do. In fact I have a load of injectors in to try out with them. I've been working on the coating chemistry quite a bit. In terms of molds for the was method I've been using, silicone makes a fantastic mold.
  • @Cassox Have you tried calcium phosphate as a coating? The body may react well with that.

  • @Cassox Out of curiosity, how long is this beta test gonna take? Obviously testing is important...but this looks really cool :P

  • @Cassox I haven't implanted the pellucids yet, would you recommend against doing so with the concerns about the coatings pliability?

  • I have one in me that's healed up ok. I mean there's always a degree of risk. It could be that the changes I've made make everything perfect.. or it could cause them to fail more easily. If you want you can wait and see how different batches work out and I'll trade your magnet for a newer version later.
  • Thanks @Cassox. Yeah, there is always risk with anything. I will go ahead and implant them and see what happens. It's all useful information for beta testing anyway.

  • Yeah, I'm not really trying to say that this last coating type isn't good as a biocompatible coating.. it's more that the mechanical characteristics could be better.

  • That's what I was trying to clarify, thanks.

  • These should be shipping by the end of the week.
  • Ok, so I haven't shipped yet. Sorry, it took a while for a new material to come in. But in the mean time a quick update. Out of the first batch like 40 percent have rejected. This doesn't mean they failed though so don't jump to that conclusion. A couple were definitely due to a poor aftercare regimen and/or poor implantation. One in particular though had the coating split. This means that it didn't adhere well to the magnet. So as I was saying.. it's got less then optimal mechanical characteristics.
    So a few things I've gotten from this.. I need to add mechanical testing after extended immersion tests. This is part of why round two is taking so long to make. Also, while these aren't outright rejecting.. they also aren't healing as quickly. I noticed that with the diamond coated magnets that the incision closed up after a few days and that was that. With the resins in general, they seem to close up, then you have a period of shedding some skin layers and redness.. and then they settle in fine. This might be protein adsorption or maybe residual cross-linking agent. Idk.
    Anyhow the resin being tested in your batch was a UV cure biomed adhesive 3341 manufactured by Henkel. All of the 10993 etc had great results. I think it might even be useful for other purposes but I don't think it's great for magnets.
  • On the other hand, I'm happy with application method I used. We got an optically clear perfect coating around the magnets with no air pockets and a totally smooth surface. With this next resin, I think the improved durability may be perfect.
    If you were part of batch one and the magnet came out, please send me a reminder pm. Even if we've spoken already! What I'm going to do is send you out a new magnet from the second batch. Please don't try to reimplant the first one. It's no longer sterile and can't be resterilized.. and I wouldn't trust that the coating hasn't been damaged by now. Thank you guys (this is a gender nonspecific pronoun I think now?) For taking part in the beta tests. I'm going to add a slack channel to further discuss this. If you have any questions or concerns, voice them there. I can walk you through anything you need like better aftercare or how to sterilize your tools etc.
  • I bought the M31 looking for something built to last, I want a magnet I can have in me and working for a long time. Intention was great, but it didn't work at all and overall was actually a terrible intro to magnets for me.

    I'd rather you take your time and hammer the bugs out than rush and have us all end up with things we need to remove in just over a year, I'm willing to wait.

  • @Aeternaeon thats why he is sending them out to people for testing and not as a consumer ready product

  • @Aeternaeon That's why it's called beta testing. Don't think you can blame Cassox when he made it very clear that this was just a test run of some prototype magnets he'd been working on.

  • What are you two even on about? I'm saying I'm glad he's making an effort to send out the best product possible even though it's an experimental design, a fact I was aware of before I sent him money. And nobody is blaming Cassox for anything, I was alluding to the M31 again with the mass problems it had. Even the first beta of this seems to have held up significantly better as a whole.

  • Yeah. I should be giving more updates. I've found a ton of new potential stuff. The one I decided on for the final pellucid isnt UV cure. Since it's multiple coats its somewhat tedious. But, they maintain great mechanical strength, passed the 10993 testing at the facility, etc. The first implant was nearly three weeks ago and there was no acute rejection. So, I've got the first batch nearly done and I hope to ship next week. I have a few other tests I'd like to do but they'll be done before they get to people. So.. worst case scenario I'll just say throw it away.
  • @Cassox Are you still taking in testers? I would be happy to try the latest batch if you are able to post to the UK :)

  • I don't have any new planned batches at this time. We'll see how these ones ultimately work out first.
  • are you still active on slack?
    and also, this is super cool and i’m eager to see more come out of this... keep updating on batches, i’m interested in trying one out as well!!
  • @Cassox I would like to update the implant sheet and wanted to make sure I have put in the right thing. Are you going in a different direction than what you implanted in me or is the reference in your Jan 6 post above about the one you did with me?

    And just so you know: everything appears to have healed perfectly. There is hardly even a scar at the implant site. Sweet job, my friend.

  • What's the lift in then could I lift a paperclip?
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    Realized it's like the m31 I really would like those sensing abilitydo you still have some avalible?
  • @Cassox can I buy one sorry I don't know if you saw my other messages in it notified you. So I tagged you
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